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Bob Krone is a global educator, author, and consultant in Advanced Management theory and practice. He is President of the Kepler Space Institue; An Emeritus Professor of the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, U.S.A. (1975-1993);was a Distinguished Visiting Professor in the School of Business at La Sierra University in Riverside, California, U.S.A.(1992-2007); and an Adjunct Professor for Doctoral Programs in the International Graduate School of Business at the University of South Australia (1995-present). He authored or co-authored seven books and 72 professional journal articles.

Bob graduated from the Naval War College Command and Staff College in 1962. He is a Fellow Member of the American Society for Quality( with an academic specialty in the Quality Sciences; Secretary of the National Board of the Distinguised Flying Cross Society (; Past Member Board of Directors of the Veterans Museum and Memorial Center, San Diego, California ( and Emeritus Member Board of Directors of Idyllwild Arts (
Bob stayed in touch with Aerospace after his 1952-1975 career retirement from the United States Air Force, where he flew fighter jets and was decorated with the Silver Star, four Distinguished Flying Crosses, Bronze Star and eleven Air Medals for combat flying in Vietnam. His participation in the NASA sponsored Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG) led to his editing BEYOND EARTH: THE FUTURE OF HUMANS IN SPACE (Apogee Space Press, 2006), That book was on the Universe Today list of “Best Space Books in 2006” and was influential as a foundation document for the 2009 founding of the Kepler Space University and Kepler Space Institute
Bob and his wife, Sue, have travelled the globe and lived in thirteen countries. They are Krone Associates of Fallbrook, California, U.S.A. specializing in the Ideas Unlimited Group Survey Methodology, (Dr. Bob & Sue Krone, Ideas Unlimited: Capturing Global Brainpower,Infinity Publishing, 2007). His publications and career details are in
Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Political Science/Policy Sciences, 1972
Master of Public and International Affairs (MPIA), University of Pittsburgh, 1965
Graduate, U.S.Naval War College Command and Staff College, 1962
Graduate, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, 1958
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Cinematography, University of Southern California, 1952. Phi Beta Kappa & Member, Theta Chi

Education from colleagues and students, 1975 - 2012
2013 – present, President, Kepler Space Institute, Inc.

2009 – 2013 Provost, Kepler Space Institute

1991 – 2007 Distinguished Visiting Professor, La Sierra

University, School of Business

1995 – 2008 Adjunct Professor (Doctoral Programs),

University of South Australia, International

Graduate School of Business

1993 - Present Emeritus Professor, University of Southern

California (Systems Management)

1975-1993 Professor of Systems Management (tenured),

University of Southern California
2008 – Present Provost & President, Kepler Space Institute

1999 - 2003 Chair, Distance Learning, School of Business

and Management, La Sierra University.

1994 - 1995 Member, Search Committee for Dean, School

of Business & Management, La Sierra University

1993 - 1995 Member, La Sierra University Rank and Tenure

Committee & International Committee.

1987 - 1990 Chair, Worldwide Systems Management Department, University of Southern California (70 Study

Centers in the U.S., The Pacific and Europe).

1985 - 1986 Chair, Merit Review Committee, Institute of

Safety and Systems Management (ISSM), USC.

1981 - 1985 Member, ISSM Faculty Forum Steering Committee.

1981 - 1986 Member, Systems Management Department, Personnel

and Merit Review Committees, USC.

1976 - 1977 Faculty Coordinator, USC ISSM Pacific Region, Master of Science in Systems Management (MSSM) Degree Program, Hawaii. Faculty and Staff responsibilities for USC Study Centers in

Hawaii, Japan, Korea, The Philippines, Taiwan,

Okinawa, and Kwajalein Island.
As of 15 February 2014

1980 – present ‘’Space Exploration. Development ond Human


2011-2012 Quality for Higher Education –book research

2010 -Present American Prisoner of War Think Tank.

2009 - Present Supervisor of Scholar Research in graduate

courses of the Kepler Space University.

2005 – Present Research for the multiple programs of the

Kepler Space University & Institute

1981 – 2008 Research into idea generation methods

Resulting in publishing Dr. Bob & Sue Krone,

Ideas Unlmited: Capturing Global Brainpower

Infinity Publishing, 2007).

2007 - 2008 Ideas Unlimited survey research with the

17 Chapters and 4,900 members of the

Distinguished Flying Cross Society

( for its first Strategic Plan.

2005 – Present Research into the Benefits of Space Exploration

and Habitation for Humanity’s Future as Editor


IN SPACE (CGPublishing, Inc, Apogee Space press,


1998 - Present Research to create a set of “Quality Classic”

Essays for the American Society of Quality

( There are 32 as of Mar 09.

2003 – Present Research into Moral Leadership for with Dr. Larry


2003 – Present Doctoral Research Success Factors

2000 – 2007 Research to create four web sites for the

School of Business, La Sierra University,

Riverside, CA (“Research Guidelines,” “Ideas

Unlimited.” “Dr. Paul R. Cone Legacy” and

Quality Management”).

1995 – 2007 Research Supervisor for PhD and DBA programs

of the International Graduate School of Business, University of South Australia

1995 - Present Research into Distance Learning for Doctoral

Degree Programs

1992 - 1993 Research in Resource Management leading to

completion of co-authored 2-volume text used

in the School of Business, La Sierra

University. Riverside, CA.

1989 - Present Research within the Quality Sciences

in industry, government, defense, and

education - internationally. Fellow Member of

the American Society for Quality


1985 Research into automation of the Crawford Slip

Method (CSM) using the title "Brainpower

Networking for Systems Managers" on USC

Sabbatical Leave, 1 Mar to 30 Sep, 1985.

Leading to the U.S. Trademarking of “Ideas

Unlimited™” in 2000 and book publication

In 2007.

1980 NASA/American Society for Engineering Education

Summer Fellowship at the University of Santa

Clara investigating "Advanced Automation for

Space Missions." Leading to Participation

in the “Aerospace Technology Working Group

(” from 1989 to the present.

1971 - 1974 Research on "NATO Nuclear Policymaking" for

Ph.D. Dissertation at UCLA

1963 Research and testing for the United States Air

Force of a new in-flight refueling system for

the F-105 Thunderchief fighter jet. Flying tests

plus analysis and TAC Text 63-41 Report.

1956 - 1966 USAF Maintenance jet fighters Test Pilot, F-84F,

F-100D, F-105D.

Commencing in January 2009 Bob designed the curriculum for the Doctor and Master of Space and Earth Sciences Degree Programs for the Kepler Space Institute. He created:

  • Innovative Solutions by Graduate Research

  • 21st Century Leadership, KSU 620, 4-units.

  • The Policy Sciences

2009 – 2010, Dissertaton Committee Chair for Robert Frantz, Doctor

Of Philosophy for Earth and Space Sciences. Degree granted

At Commencement in Chicago, 17 April 2010.
During the period June 1976 to April 1993 Dr. Krone taught 2,015 graduate students in USC's Master of Science in Systems Management Degree Program (MSSM) at United States, Pacific, and Germany locations. Course taught were:
* Systems Management and Organization Theory, SSM 513

* Systems Analysis, SSM 665

* Problems in Systems Technology, SSM 555

* Systems Integration/Project Management, SSM 557

* Decision Support Systems, SSM 569

* Total Quality Management (TQM), SYMA 599

* Psychological Aspects of Systems Management, HUFA 517

* Organizational Behavior and Systems Management, HUFA 523

* Directed Research, SYMA 590
During the period April 1992 to 2006 Dr. Krone taught in the MBA Degree Program of La Sierra University. Courses taught:
* Graduate Research Methods, MGMT 521

* Policy Formulation and Strategic Planning, MGMT 691

* Quality Management and Performance Evaluation, MGMT 688

* Global Issues, MGMT 686

* Organization Theory and Behavior, MGMT 678

* Business Policy and Strategy, BUAD 485
During this period he also taught courses for Andrews University in Michigan on the Campus and for their off-campus MBA Program in Singapore.

During September and October, 1992, Dr. Krone was a Visiting Professor teaching a course to Faculty and Doctoral Students at the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, Facultad de Contaduria Y Administracion, Mexico City. The Course was "Quality Management for Executives."
Commencing in 1995, Dr. Krone was appointed a “Principal Supervisor” for Doctoral Programs by Research (PhD & DBA) and Seminar Facilitator for DBA Programs of the International Graduate School of Business (IGSB), University of South Australia (UniSA). In that role he continually supervised the doctoral theses of candidates in Asia, the United States and Europe through 2007. That supervision was done through a mix of personal meetings and computer distance learning. By Dec 2007 he had been the Principal Supervisor for 42 earned doctoral degrees in Asia, Europe and the United States.
In 1998 Dr. Krone, with Dr. Lawrence Downing, created the “Certificate Program in Leadership, Values and Ethics for Business and Management” for the La Sierra University School of Business and Management in Riverside, California, USA. That program had four 4-unit graduate level courses continuously offered by LSU through distance learning:
* Research for Business & Management, BUAD 624

* Ethics and Values for Leadership, BUAD 617

* Quality Management for Business & Management, MGMT 664

* Strategic Planning and Decision-Making, MGMT 665
2011 – 2012 Ideas Unlimited Method consulting through

Kepler Space Institute. Arabian Societies for

Human Resource Management, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi

2007 – 2009 Consultant to the National Museum of the United

States Air Force for its creation of the “100

Mission Permanent Exhibition.” Speaker at the 18

March 2009 Ceremony opening the Exhibition,

Dayton, Ohio.

2006 - Present Consultant programs of the Kepler Space

Univeristy, USA.

2006 - 2008 Consultant to the Board of Directors of the

Distinguished Flying Cross Society for Strategic

Planning (

2004 Consultant to Capella University, Minneapolis,

to accomplish an External Academic Review for

its PhD Degree Program and MS Degree Program

in Organization and Management.

2000 – 2008 Consultant to the United States Air Force

Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, in its

creation of a new portion of its web site

for the combat history of the 469th Tactical

Fighter Squadron in flying the F-105D jet

over North Vietnam, 1965-1968.

1990 - Present Owned and operated with Sue Krone “Krone

Associates” in San Bernardino &

Fallbrook, California, U.S.A.

1998 American Red Cross Blood Services, Southern

California Region.

1996 The Friends of Ethiopa, “The Addis Ababa

Adventist Medical Center 1996 Report on

Feasibility of its Return to the Seventh-

Day Adventist Church”.

1995 Anaheim Seventh-day Adventist Church, “Seeking

A New Pastor”

1995 Corona Chamber of Commerce

1994 Strategic Planning Consultant to Clayson,

Mann & Yaeger, a major legal firm in

Corona, California.

1992 - 1994 Strategic Planning Consultant to La Sierra

University, Riverside, California.

1993 Consultant to NASA and Lockheed Engineering &

Science Company for the Strategic Avionics

Technology Working Group (SATWG), resulting

in a 264 page Report to NASA Headquarters.

1984 Consultant to the United States Air Force Logistics Management Center and the United States Air Force Engineering and Services Center.

1985 – 1996 Academic consultant to the Columbia Pacific University, University of Denver, Walden University, and Senior University, British

Columbia, Canada.

* MILITARY SERVICE – 1952 - 1975

Major Bob Krone, Korat Air Base, Thailand, May 1966
Bob's first career was as a Fighter Pilot, Commander, Personnel Director and International Staff Officer in the United States Air Force (1952-1975). He flew the T-33, F-84G, F-84F, F-100D/F, T-39, F-86, F-105D/F in America, Europe and Asia. As Operations Officer and Commander of the 469th Tactical Fighter Squadron (F-105D) he became the first USAF commander in the Southeast Asia Conflict to reach 100 combat missions over North Vietnam (3 June 1966). He flew a total of 125 combat missions in SEA and earned the Silver Star, Bronze Star, four Distinguished Flying Crosses and eleven Air Medals. He was Chief of Nuclear Policy for SHAPE, NATO Belgium (1971-1974) and created the first unclassified briefing for “NATO Nuclear Policymaking,” which was the subject of his Ph.D. Dissertation at UCLA (1972). He ended his military career as Director of Personnel at Norton AFB, San Bernardino (1974-1975).
Bob has stayed in touch with Aerospace by being a member of the NASA sponsored Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG) where his most recent activities were to accept editorship of the ATWG sponsored book: BEYOND EARTH: THE FUTURE OF HUMANS IN SPACE (CGPublishing, Inc., 2006); He Co-Chaired a panel on “Advanced Machine Intelligence for Space” at the Denver ATWG Meeting, May 14-18, 2001; and proposed an Interstellar Space University at Long Beach, California, September 2004. He was the consultant to the United States Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, during 2000 – 2008, for the Museum’s creation of a new section of its web site dedicated to the combat flying of the F-105D Thunderchief jet over North Vietnam, 1965 – 1968: = Film, Bob Krone, AF Museum, 18 Mar 2009

He is Secretary of the National Board of Directors, Distinguished Flying Cross Society (; Member Veterans of Foreign Wars, Fallbrook Post 1924, and member of The Daedalians (Military Aviation Fraternity).
2010 Planned and created the Fallbrook, CA VFW

Military Art and History Gallery Exhibition

2006 - Present Bob was the Fallbrook, California VFW Post

1924 Chamber of Commerce Representative,

Veterans Day Speaker (2006 & 2007) and Speaker

for the Fallbrook Art Gallery “Decades of

Conflict” Exhibition Opening, October 2008.

1975 – Present Continual public service related to

Military service people and events through

His membership in multiple military

Organizations. Speaker at the Fallbrook,

CA Veterans Day, 2006 and 2007.

1998 - 2002 Member, Citizens Advisory Committee to the

Joint Powers Authority planning a major

lakes project and development in San

Bernardino, California. Ward 2, San

Bernardino Representative.

1969 - Present Member Board of Governors and Board of Trustees,

Idyllwild Arts Foundation for the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts

1984 - 1990 Elected member, Citizens Advisory Committee,

Redevelopment Agency, City of San Bernardino

1975 - 1986 Member, San Bernardino County Arts Council

1974 - 1976 President, Arrowhead Allied Arts Council,

San Bernardino
Bob Krone's publications are in the fields of Space, Science and Technology, Systems Analysis, Policy Sciences, Systems Management, Resource Management, Quality Sciences, Surveying for Productivity Improvement, Machine Intelligence, Moral Leadership and National Defense.
* Books and Book Chapters
Bob Krone made the decision in the year 2000 to use web sites as the publication media in addition to hard-copy book publications. This matched his increasing use of distance learning for courses and doctoral research supervision with students globally located. Web site material facilitates “texts on demand” and makes instant

availability of new writings possible.
2014 …………..Bob Krone and Walt Putnam, Editors, DESIGNING 21st


2012 Maguad, Ben A.and Bob Krone,


SYSTEMS PERSPECTIVE, Bookboon Publishing.

2009 Bob Krone, PhD, “Governance for Space, ” chapter

3 in Sherry Bell, PhD, Editor, Living in Space,



GLOBAL BRAINPOWER (Infinity Publishing).

2006 Bob Krone, Ph.D., Editor, BEYOND EARTH: THE FUTURE

OF HUMANS IN SPACE(Apogee Space Press,CGPublishing).

Selected by Universe Today as one of the “Best Space

Books in 2006”.



University, 2001, web based).

1993 Paul R. Cone, Robert M. Krone, Harold R. Phillips, and


Sierra University, 1993), 2-Volume graduate text.


GUIDELINES (Bend, OR: Daniel Spencer Publishers, 1991), 125pp. Awarded a 1992 Distinguished Book Award at the

6th International Conference on Systems Research

Informatics and Cybernetics, sponsored by the

International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems

Research and Cybernetics, Baden-Baden, Germany, August

17-23, 1992.

1984 C.C. Crawford, John W. Demidovich, and Robert M. Krone, PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT BY THE CRAWFORD SLIP METHOD

(Los Angeles, CA: University of Southern California

School of Public Administration, July 1984).
1984 Richard Rusk and Robert M. Krone, "The Crawford Slip Method and Performance Improvement," in H. W. Hendrick and O. Brown, Jr.,Eds., HUMAN FACTORS IN ORGANIZATION DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT (North-Holland: Elsevier Science Publishers), pp. 251-257.

1984 Richard Rusk and Robert M. Krone, "The Crawford Slip Method (CSM) as a Tool for Extraction of Expert Knowledge," in G. Salvendy, Ed., HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION (Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publishers), pp. 279-282.

1982 Robert M. Krone, "Advanced Machine Intelligence and Society," in Stephen E. Stephanou, Ed., THE SYSTEMS APPROACH TO SOCIETAL PROBLEMS (Malibu, CA: Daniel Spencer Publishers), pp 203-228.

1982 Robert M. Krone, Team Leader, Space Exploration Team,

responsible for Chapter 3, "Space Exploration: The Interstellar Goal and Titan Demonstration" in ADVANCED

AUTOMATION FOR SPACE MISSIONS (NASA Conference Publication 2255), pp. 39-76.


THEORY AND PRACTICE (New York: John Wiley & Sons), 216pp.

1974 Robert M. Krone, "NATO Nuclear Policymaking," in Philip S.Kronenberg and John Lovell, Eds., THE NEW CIVIL- MILITARY RELATIONS: THE AGONIES OF ADJUSTMENT TO POST- VIETNAM REALITIES (New Brunswick, NJ, Transaction

Books), pp 193-228.

  • Professional Journal Articles, Conference Proceedings

and Papers, and Research Reports
2012 .. Bob Krone, “Improving Productivity: “Smarter People and

Machines.”Presentation at the 2012 Arabian Society for

Human Resource Management, Abu Dhabi.

2012 Bob Krone, “The Law of Space Abundance & Lunar

Cratersville”, Ad Astra Magazine, National Space

Society, Spring 2012.

2011 Bob Krone, “The Role of F-100 Pilots in Cold War Nuclear

Deterrence,” The Intake Journal, Super Sabre Society,

Spring 2011.

2010 Bob Krone and Lonnie Jones Schorer, “Amelia: 1920 – 2010,”

Distinguished Flying Cross Society NEWS, Summer 2010.

2009 Bob Krone,Ph.D., Colonel, USAF (Ret), “100th Mission,”

an essay for the Opening Ceremony of the National

Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio 100

Mission Permanent Exhibition, 18 March 2009.

2008 Bob Krone on THE SPACESHOW with Dr. David

Livingston, 17 March 2008. “Beyond Earth.”

Bob Krone on THE SPACESHOW with Dr. David

Livingston & Dr. Michio Kaku, 25 April 2008,

Physics of the Impossible in Space.”

Ben A. Maguad, Ph.D. and Bob Krone, Ph.D “Ethical

Quality Management and Moral Leadership: The Key

To Continual Performance Performance,” Journal of

Total Quality Management, Fall 2008.

Bob Krone, Dan Shwa and Ed Kiker, “1000 Earth

Space Stations” presentations at the International

Space Development Conference, Washington, DC, 30 Aug

2008 and the Aerospace Technology Working Group

(ATWG), Washington, D.C. 1 Sep 2008

Bob Krone on THE SPACESHOW with Dr. David

Livingston, 3 October 2008. “Intelligence,

Space Based Solar Power, Space Development


Bob Krone, “55 Years in the Jet Stream,” reception

For the opening of the Fallbrook, CA Art Center’s

Decades of Conflict,” Art Exhibition, 18 Oct 2008. Bob Krone, “Corporate Governance for the Pareto

Optimum,” IPE Journal of Corporate Givernance,

(14 March 2009 Presentation at Hyderabad, India.

2007 Bob Krone, The 2007 Meaning of the Vietnam War,

Special Event Presentation, National Museum of

The Air Force, Dayton, Ohio, 23 October 2007.

2007 Bob Krone, The Right Stuff:Hun Pilots to Astronauts

THE INTAKE, Journal of the Super Sabre Society

(Issue Four, Summer 2007) pp 32-35.

2005 Robert M. Krone, Science and Technology for What?

REVIEW OF POLICY RESEARCH, Vol 22, #4, July 2005),

pp. 555-569.

2005 Bob Krone, Goktug Morcol, Laura Reese and Barry

Rundquist, Policy Theory Report to the Policy Studies

Organization (PSO), September 2004, JOURNAL OF POLICY RESEARCH (forthcoming).

2004 Bob Krone, “Interstellar Space University,”

Powerpoint presentation to the Aerospace Technology

Working Group (ATWG), Cal State Univ Long Beach,

September 2004. See

1998 – 2005 Bob Krone, “Quality Classics” INLAND EMPIRE QUALITY,

Online newsletter of the Inland Empire (California)

Section of the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

As of September 2007, Bob Krone had published 27 essays

In this series. See

  1. Ben A. Maguad & Robert M. Krone, “The Total Quality

that Failed: Identifying and Overcoming Barriers

to Continuous Improvement in Colleges and

Universities,” a paper presented to the Industry

And Engineering Management Science annual

Conference, Cocoa Beach, Florida.

1999 Ben A. Maguad & Robert M. Krone, “Using Ideas Unlimited to Improve Brainpower Productivity and Enhance

Educational Quality,”

1994 Robert M. Krone, "Aftershock: The Los Angeles January

1994 Earthquake," a paper presented at the Emergency

Management Panel of the Annual Meeting of the American

Society for Public Administration (ASPA), Kansas City,

July 1994.

1993 Robert M. Krone, "Calidad Administracion Global,"


de Contaduria Y Administracion, Universidad Nacional

Autonoma de Mexico, November 1993.
1992 Robert M. Krone and Ignatius Yacoub, "Global Quality

Management," a paper presented at the 6th International

Conference on systems Research Informatics and Cybernetics, sponsored by the International Institute

for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics,

Baden-Baden, Germany, August 17-23, 1992.

1991 Robert M. Krone, "Total Quality Management in the

United States," a paper prepared and a workshop

given to the Graduate Division of the Facultad de

Contaduria y Administracion, Universidad Nacional

Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico city, 16 May 1991.

1991 Robert M. Krone, "Total Quality Management (TQM):

Achievements, Potentials, and Pitfalls," JOURNAL OF


& 4 (Spring/Summer 1991), 195-202.

1991 Awarded a USC Sabbatical Leave, 1 July to 31 December

1991 to accomplish research in the Quality Sciences.

1991 Robert M. Krone, "Arms and the New World Order," Three book reviews in the Fall 1991 issue of the JOURNAL


1991 Member of the Planning Committee for the USC hosted

Second Annual Symposium on the Role of Academia in

National Competitiveness and Total Quality Management, Los Angeles, July 24-26, 1991. Conducted a workshop for 53 people and had two papers published in the

PROCEEDINGS of that Symposium: "Total Quality

Management for Higher Education Instruction and

Curriculum Improvement," and "Executive Report from

the Friday, July 26, 1991, Workshop."

1991 Robert M. Krone, "The quality Sciences and Technology

Management," a paper presented at the Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering

and Technology (PICMET '91), Portland, Oregon, 31

October 1991.

1991 Robert M. Krone "Improving Group Data Gathering for Quality Management," Lecture in the Distinguished Lecture Series in Technology Management, Portland State University, 1 November 1991 (videotape distributed to


1991 Participated in the 8th Annual NASA/Contractors Conference and 1991 National Symposium on Quality

and Productivity, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center,

Houston, Texas, Nov 7-9, 1991. Chaired the panel on "Benchmarking: Competitiveness, Survival, and


1991 Participated in the 27-29 November 1991 International

Symposium on the Consequences of the Globalization for

the Teaching and Practice of Accounting and Business

Administration, Zacatecas, Mexico and presented a paper

titled, "Global Quality Management."

1991 Coauthored with Marc A. Valley, M.D. the paper "The

Crawford Slip Method: Theoretical Bases in Neurology,

Psychology, and Management." Manuscript prepared for

submission to medical and/or management journals.

1990 Robert M. Krone, "The Military Industrial Complex Since Eisenhower," a paper presented at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Symposium, Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania, October 11-13, 1990.

1990 Bob Krone, "TQM: An American Odyssey," THE BUREAUCRAT,

Vol 19, Number 3 (Fall 1990), 35-38.

1990 Robert M. Krone and Charles H. Clark, "Improving Brainpower Productivity," JOURNAL FOR QUALITY AND

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