Standard 1: Advocate a Healthy Lifestyle

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Healthy Living
Standard 1: Advocate a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Susan, a 16 year old, is eating lunch at the school cafeteria

her friend Patty recently took a Healthy Living class and learned about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Patty has noticed that Susan has unhealthy eating habits and wants to help her become more nutritionally savvy. For lunch today, Susan ate large French fries, cheese pizza and orange Gatorade. Before lunch was over, she hopped back in line to purchase a large chocolate chip cookie. After school she told Patty she plans to go home and use social media until dinner.

  1. In terms of Patty trying to help Susan eat healthy, what is one choice she could make to make her meal healthier?

  1. Add more refined carbohydrates

  2. Add sausage to her pizza

  3. Make half her plate fruits and vegetables

  4. Drink more Gatorade

  1. For Susan to meet the recommendation for physical activity what is the minimum amount of minutes a day should she exercise?

  1. 15 minutes

  2. 30 minutes

  3. 45 minutes

  4. 60 minutes

3. ____________ is a good choice for a substitution for French Fries.

A. Plain Baked Potato

B. Hash Browns

C. Mashed Potatoes with Gravy

D. Tator Tots

  1. What is one Dietary Guideline that is needed in this meal?

  1. Increased amounts of sodium rich foods.

  2. Decreased amounts of fiber.

  3. Increased amounts of nutrient dense foods.

  4. Increased amount of natural sugars.

  1. Troy and Amad are running short on time and have decided to get lunch out of the school vending machine. Troy selects a candy bar and soda while Amad selects chips and a soda. Both are running in a track meet after school and will not be able to eat dinner until after 9 p.m.

  1. What is a healthier alternative drink for Amad and Troy to eat for their lunch out of the vending machine?

  1. PowerAde

  2. Orange Juice Drink

  3. Water

  4. Diet Soda

  1. What is a healthier snack food for them to eat for lunch?

  1. Cheesy Popcorn

  2. Carrots and Hummus

  3. Blueberry Muffin

  4. Bag of Pretzels

  1. What effect will poor food choices have on the outcome of their track meet?

  1. No effect on energy levels

  2. Some effect on energy levels

  3. Large effect on energy levels

  4. Detrimental effect on energy levels

  1. What would be the best choice for meal planning based on the boys’


  1. Plan ahead, pack a lunch, healthy snack after school

  2. Make no changes

  3. Skip lunch save time, eat a healthy snack after school

  4. Snack at lunch, snack after school

Standard 6: Ensure Food Safety

  1. Danita and Cheree are planning a picnic and it is a sunny, hot day. They are making potato salad, cheeseburgers, vegies and dip, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. They are using one cooler to save space. To save time, they bought the ice and packed the cooler except for the ground beef (thawing on the counter) in the trunk the night before. After arriving at the picnic, they set out the food on a picnic table and decided to play outdoor games. About two hours later, they were hungry and decided to grill the burgers. Cheree took the burgers on the plate, placed it on the grill and after 5 minutes took them off and placed them back on the plate.

  1. What is the recommended temperature zone for keeping foods safe?

  1. 0- 40 degrees

  2. 40-60 degrees

  3. 60-80 degrees

  4. Over 80 degrees

  1. What is the danger zone for foods?

  1. 40-120 degrees

  2. 40-160 degrees

  3. 60-140 degrees

  4. 40-140 degrees

  1. To make sure that Cheree does not cross-contaminate when grilling the

the meat, she should…

  1. Wipe the juices off the original plate

  2. Check the doneness of the burgers then cut tomatoes with one knife

  3. Use a clean plate for the cooked hamburgers

  4. Touch the tomatoes with hands that made the patties.

  1. How long can foods be left out on a day where the temperature is above 90?

  1. 2 hours

  2. 1 hour

  3. 3 hours

  4. 4 hours

  1. Kwan is at home making chili for her cook-off presentation. She

doesn’t want to have a bad hair day so she conveniently forgets to pull her hair back. While cooking, her dog, Boz, licks her hand. Knowing how important taste is to the final product, she uses the one spoon to taste the chili several times while preparing it. After placing the chili in serving bowls, she gently blew on the soup to cool it quickly.

  1. Kwan wants to taste the chili as she goes. What food preparation method should

be employed

  1. Use a separate spoon to taste each time.

  2. Set the timer and taste every 3 minutes to make sure you have fair evaluation method.

  3. Blow on the spoon to make sure the contents are not too hot.

  4. Put some chili in a small bowl to sample and return uneaten portion to the pot.

  1. Kwan loves the company of her dog, safe cooking practices state:

  1. Keep pets and insects out of the kitchen.

  2. Keep pets in the corner of the kitchen while cooking.

  3. Have an open window to allow proper ventilation while pets are in the kitchen.

  4. Cook food at a lower temperature so you don’t burn the pet while cooking.

  1. Chili requires extended cooking time and Kwan is tired of attending to the chili.

Her choices are:

A. Put the chili on low and takes a nap.

B. Put in smaller containers and refrigerate.

C. Instagram her friends while stirring the chili.

D. Turn the chili on high to speed up the process.

  1. Kwan sees her reflection in the microwave and decides to pull her hair back.

What key safe sanitation practice did she neglect?

A. Cook meat to the proper internal temperature.

B. Cover cough or sneeze.

C. Pull hair back before cooking.

D. Wear clean clothes with no loose sleeves.

Healthy Living Pre-Test Questions

By Deb Cox and Cheryl Hiller
You are planning a lunch for your son/daughter’s soccer team to eat before their big match later today. The coach recommended foods high in carbohydrates for quick energy and beverages that will help the teammates avoid dehydration.

Menu A

Whole Grain Pasta with Meat Sauce

Fresh Garden Salad

Garlic Bread

Strawberries with Vanilla Yogurt

Ice Water

Menu B

  • Scrambled Eggs w/ Cheese

  • Fruit Cocktail

  • Wheat Toast

  • Fruit Drink

Menu C

Skim Milk

Hot Dog on Bun

Vegetable Soup

Cole Slaw

Menu D

Grilled steak Panini

Carrots and celery strips

Baked apples


Which menu provides the most beneficial carbohydrates for energy? A
Which menu has a beverage choice that may lead to dehydration? D
Which menu lacks calcium? D
Which menu best represents all food groups? A
Which menu is the best choice for a pre-game meal based on the team’s nutritional needs ? A
Identify which place setting pieces are needed to serve the pre-game meal.

b-salad plate, c-dinner plate, d-water glass, g-napkin, i-dinner fork, j-salad fork, k-dinner knife, n-bread & butter plate, o-dessert spoon or m-teaspoon

Which of the previous menus is written correctly according to basic menu writing rules? A
The Martinez family is on a limited budget, and family members have very little time for food preparation. Which dinner menu above would be most appropriate for this family? B

Tina has invited two exchange students for lunch before they return to their homelands. For religious reasons, Gresa is an ova-vegetarian and Erza is a lacto-vegetarian. Neither of them eat pork. Help Tina select an appropriate send off menu for her friends.

Menu A

Fettuccine Alfredo

Garlic Bread

Yogurt w/ Berries and Nuts


Menu B

Stir Fried Vegetables

Nachos w/ Salsa

Caramel Flan

Hot Chocolate

Menu C

Meatless Chili with Beans

Peanut Butter Crackers

Cucumber Salad

Strawberry Lemonade

Menu D

Egg Salad Sandwich Wrap

Minestrone Soup



Which menu would be most suitable for both Gresa and Erza? C
Which menu would be suitable for Gresa? D Erza? A Neither Gresa or Erza? B
Which menu lacks protein, iron and calcium? B
Identify the alternative protein sources in each vegetarian menu.

A=Alfredo sauce/nuts B=Flan/hot chocolate C=beans/peanut butter D=Egg Salad
Identify a food from each menu that has a cultural influence.

Fettuccine, Espresso, Minestrone = Italian

Chili, Flan, Wrap, Nachos, Salsa, Hot Chocolate = Mexican/Southwest

Stir Fry, Tea = Chinese
Jon & Ann want to avoid the trend of obesity among youth with their own children. Which of these factors would most likely impact their children’s development of lifelong healthy physical and nutritional habits.

a. growing up in a household in which healthy habits are valued practices

b. reading magazine articles about the benefits of exercise

c. utilizing websites to plan their nutritional intake

d. watching television programs about food preparation

e. participating in extracurricular activities after school

Shelly is baking a dessert for her grandfather who has high cholesterol. Which of the following recipe modifications would be most effective for reducing the cholesterol content of baked desserts?

a. substituting white sugar for brown sugar

b. substituting egg whites for whole eggs

c. substituting all purpose flour for whole wheat flour

d. substituting shortening for cooking oil

Four-year-old Ty’s parents have been encouraging him to develop better eating habits, but Ty stays with his grandparents while they are working. Which method would most encourage better eating habits?

a. Force Ty to eat the foods he dislikes before permitting him to eat his favorite foods

b. Serve Ty foods with a variety of flavors, colors, textures and shapes

c. Do not allow Ty to leave the table until he cleans his plate

d. Encourage Ty to eat his breakfast by allowing him to eat in front of the television

Use these food labels to answer the following questions:

(The food labels were used for educational purposes only via the following website:


Which nutrient found in American cheese would be considered high and not such a healthy choice?

a. Protein b. Sodium c. Saturated fat d. Both Sodium and Saturated fat

Which nutrient found in American cheese would be considered high and would be a healthy choice?

a. Fat b. Calcium c. Cholesterol d. Vitamin A

How many calories would you get if you ate 2 servings of doughnuts?

a. 450 b. 120 c. 225 d. 400

What percentage of saturated fat would you have eaten if you ate two doughnuts?

a. 21 b. 15 c. 30 d. 0

Are eating doughnuts a healthy choice for important nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron? a. Yes b. No

Can you solve the Case of the Mystery Foods? Match the labels with the foods.
__B__ Hot dog __A__ Fat Free Milk __C__ Sweet Potato

This ingredient list comes from the food label of a

well-known brand of cereal. How many times is a

sweetener mentioned in its ingredient list?

a. 6 b. 8 c. 10 d. 12
Which ingredient is found in the greatest amount?

a. oats b. sugar

c. whole grain wheat d. iron
Which of the following may be considered allergens?

a. wheat, almonds, soy, milk

b. sugar, honey, molasses

c. glycerin, BHT, Annatto, Tocopherols

d. oats, rice, corn, oil

Can you solve the Case of the Mystery Foods? Match the labels with the foods.
__B__ Beans __C__ Bacon __A__ Orange

Although Nick is overweight and his grandfather is a diabetic, grandpa is taking Nick out to celebrate his 21st birthday at their favorite all you can eat buffet. Help Nick and his grandfather eat healthful so they can leave the restaurant without feeling uncomfortable.
Which would be the best choice at the salad table to ensure not getting full too soon?

a. lettuce salad with eggs, ham, cheese and chick peas c. coleslaw, pasta or potato salads

b. fresh vegetable salad d. fruited gelatin and pudding

Which main dish choice would provide nutrition without excess fat, cholesterol and sodium?

a. marinated beef ribs b. fried shrimp c. grilled chicken breast d. barbecue pork chops

Which side dish choice would provide nutrition without excess calories?

a. mashed potatoes and gravy c. scalloped corn

b. steamed green beans w/ mushrooms d. broccoli w/ cheese sauce

Which dessert choice would satisfy your sweet tooth yet provide some nutrition without excess calories?

a. Red velvet cake c. Sugar-Free Frozen Yogurt

b. Peach cobbler d. Chocolate-covered strawberries

Which beverage would be the best choice?

a. sweet tea b. milk c. beer or wine d. water with lemon e. cola
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