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Dneister River
In one satirical work centered on this character, the man currently occupying this character's most notable office was depicted as being possessed by aliens, who were members of an invasion force led by his wife. In that same work, this man lets himself catch on fire in order to avenge the defeat of another of this man's successors, who attempted to commit suicide afterward, at the hands of Vladimir Putin. However, he later teams up with Putin, as well as Yulia Tymoshenko, George H.W. Bush, and Pope Benedict the XVI to do battle with Joseph Mengele, Richard Wagner, Otto Skorzeny, and Adolf Hitler to save humanity. In that same work, he pilots a fighter jet to destroy a Taepodong missile launched by a petulant Kim Jong-Il, who he just defeated in a game of mahjong using his “rising sun” finishing move. For ten points, identity this former LDP prime minister of Japan, known for agitating China with his visits to the Yasukuni shrine and for being an aggressive reformist.

ANSWER: Koizumi Junichiro

For ten points each, identify these works written by recent Indian novelists:

[10] This novel is composed of letters written from the title character, a Bihari entrepreneur named Balram, to Wen Jiabao. The protagonist is set on his path by a man referred to as “the Stork,” who hires him to be his chauffeur in New York.

Answer: The White Tiger

[10] This enormously long novel discusses the stories of the Mehra, Kapoor, Khan, and Chatterji families in post-independence India. Its author is working on a “jump sequel” set in the present day.

Answer: A Suitable Boy

[10] This author gained fame with a work about a member of a toilet cleaner caste named Bakha, Untouchable. He also wrote the novels Coolie and The Sword and the Sickle.

Answer: Mulk Raj Anand
The narrator notes that the title objects “lean tonight” in a “morgue between Paris and Rome” and the poem ends with the image of “black phones on hooks glittering and digesting.” For ten points each:

[10] Identify this work that begins “Perfection is terrible, it cannot have children.”

ANSWER: “The Munich Mannequins”

[10] The narrator of this poem tells the title figure “there’s a stake in your fat black heart” and repeats the line “I think I may well be like a Jew.” It ends with the narrator saying “you bastard, I’m through.”

ANSWER: “Daddy”

[10] This other poem from Sylvia Plath’s Ariel opens with the narrator noting that it is winter and describing her life in a hospital room. She claims that the titular objects “eat [her] oxygen” and “should be behind bars like dangerous animals.”

ANSWER: “Tulips”
Characters in this novel include Brian Foxworthy, who commits suicide after a love rivalry with the protagonist, Anthony Beavis. For ten points each:

[10] Name this novel, which includes an episode in which Beavis travels to South America with Mark Staithes before returning to England and becoming a Pacifist.

ANSWER: Eyeless in Gaza

[10] The title of this other Aldous Huxley novel refers to an estate, the history of which is told by Henry Wimbush in a conversation with Priscilla. Other characters include an aspiring poet named Denis.

ANSWER: Crome Yellow

[10] Another Denis named Denis Burlap appears in this other Huxley novel, where he is the editor of a journalist named Walter Bidlake, who impregnates Marjorie Carling. Huxley inserts himself as the character of Philip Quarles, whose wife Elinor is tempted to cheat on him with Everard Webley.

ANSWER: Point Counter Point
Answer some things about the Muslim conquest of Spain. For ten points each:

[10] Muslim forces led by Berber Tariq overthrew the last Visigothic king of Spain, Roderick at this A.D. 711 battle named for the river where it was fought.

ANSWER: Battle of Guadalete

[10] Not content with their Spanish holdings, Muslim forces entered France but were repulsed by Charles Martel at this A.D. 732 battle.

ANSWER: Battle of Tours [accept Battle of Poitiers]

[10] This man escaped to Spain after the Abbasids had all the Ummayad princes murdered and became emir of Cordoba whereupon he ordered the construction of the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

ANSWER: Abd al-Rahman I
In statistics, the Breusch-Pagan procedure tests for it. For 10 points, each:

[10] What is this adjective for a system in which all of its random variables have the same finite variance.

Answer: Homoscedastic or Homoscedasticity

[10] Homoscedasticity is one assumption along with linearity in the inferential test for this eponymous correlation coefficient. Its namesake was a rival of Ronald Fisher.

Answer: Pearson's r or Pearson's coefficient

[10] In a 1954 paper, this statistician showed that the robustness of ANOVA depends on homoscedasticity. Along with David Cox, this man names a method of parameterizing a power transform to stabilize variance and increase robustness.

Answer: George Box (note: it is called the Box-Cox Transform)
Terms on the right side of this equation consist of a namesake coefficient B times wavelength squared over wavelength squared minus a coefficient C. Index of refraction is squared on the left side of this equation. For ten points each:

[10] Identify this equation used to determine the dispersion of light, relating index of refraction and wavelength for a transparent medium.

ANSWER: Sellmeier equation

[10] The Sellmeier equation was based off this other equation relating wavelength and index of refraction. Its two-term form is usually used, which sets index of refraction equal to a coefficient A plus a coefficient B over the wavelength squared.

ANSWER: Cauchy’s equation

[10] This set of equations determined the behavior of light as it moves through mediums of different indices of refraction. Its namesake also has a type of lens and diffraction named after him.

ANSWER: Fresnel equations
Answer the following about the cultural geography of South America, for 10 points each:

[10] Filmmakers Tim Asch and anthropologist Napolean Chagnon collaborated on documentary films such as Arrow Game, Weeding the Garden, and The Ax Fight about this indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest along the Brazilian-Venezuelan border.

Answer: Yanomani or Yanomamo

[10] In the late 1930’s Claude Levi-Strauss visited these people of the Brazilian Mato Grasso Region. Their culture is featured in his four volume Mythologies including The Raw and the Cooked.

Answer: Bororo

[10] In the 17th and 18th centuries Jesuits established these missions designed to Christianize and govern indigenous Tupi-Guarani peoples. In 1756, following the Treaty of Madrid, a war of seven of these was fought between Europeans and natives.

Answer: Reductions
Answer the following about controversial World Cup incidents from years past, for 10 points each:

[10] In 1966 England won after Geoff Hurst scored a ghost goal to complete the only hat trick in finals history and beat this nation. This nation won in 1954, 1974, and 1990.

Answer: West Germany (do not accept or prompt Germany)

[10] In an incident from 1982 known as the Shame of Gijón, West Germany and Austria colluded to exclude the Desert Foxes of this nation from the second round. This incident is the reason that the third games in the group stage are now played simultaneously.

Answer: Algeria

[10] In 1986 England was on the losing end of Diego Maradona’s Hand of God goal. Maradona handballed the goal past this English keeper, the most capped player in English soccer history.

Answer: Peter Shilton
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