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How we are accustomed to think and act, how we should think and act

Until now, an even scientific path has been followed, that starts from some biological bases and then gives way to considerations which can be a point of departure. This thesis began by starting with the first hominids that began to populate the Earth; whose origins are ancient, identifying in our evolution an aspect that is rarely taken into consideration: the birth of blood types and their evolution. Biologically examining blood has revealed its great importance, as inextricably linked to all the chemical functions of the body. Blood involves every organic system, which through diet, benefits or harms fundamental systems such as the digestive and of consequence and above all, the immune system. It has been analyzed at a molecular level in order to understand how diseases arise, how profoundly complex diseases such as cancer develop, and how to contrast them learning and underlining the connection that exists between diet and that which we often regard as “unlucky destiny”. There are scientific discoveries, studies and research about each category one wants to study, from the medical, biological, chemical, naturalistic, to the philosophic and anthropologic, which show how much world history, and in general man’s blood, is much more ancient than any culture, racial difference, habit of action and thought, with whom we share our lives. It has gotten to the point of thinking that we know everything and know nothing. This is because nowadays, we are completely lacking a unified vision, therefore, a holistic vision of human health; often not even establishing the problem of trying to put back together the pieces of one’s life and that which one can learn from it. The larger compartmentalization that is brought forth in this paper is that which divides the body from the mind. The human body was in the path of science viscerally explored in all its parts; we studied, examined, cut and rebuilt every component. Every molecule or atom has passed under the lens of a microscope, dividing the body into other compartments; in systems, systems to treat systematically, aseptically, locally, superficially.

We believe to be acting in a profound way, because drugs are used that act in a deeply molecular manner, disconnecting, however, these systems from each other. It’s true, the human body is so complex, also just at the level of a single cell, that this division was necessary and made possible an endless amount of wonderful discoveries for us. But we are too distanced from the real motivation that drove us to make this division; it had place for the necessity to know ourselves, to know our body, to separate it, but also to know how to then reunite it. Now that diseases such as cancer have manifested themselves, that inevitably test everything in which we normally believe, one wonders, why?

Why has the time to reconnect the body and mind arrived.

Cancer is the emblem of this century, the symbol of the lack of something; the lack of consideration of the connection between mind and body.

We are not only body and we are not only mind, we are both, together.

This is that which our traditional medicine rejects.

But for whatever a priori rejection of something, we pay a consequence over time; wanting to remain blind and firm in our convictions without calculating, reflecting, and looking at the situation from another perspective. It is exactly how to hide “the dust under the carpet”; but here we do not speak of dust, here we talk about our health. Cancer is truly the emblem of all this, because whoever has seen it up close, will understand that, in the way in which it is dealt with in public hospitals and by doctors, there is not one flaw, but a thousand, not only on a pharmacological level, but also at the level of human approach; human in the sense of taking into consideration all the aspects that make up that person specifically, as regards his mind and body, to fall ill. From blood type, to diet, to lifestyle, to life experiences with stress that led to the overload of an immune system that already had deficits due to incorrect diet, sports…but these are only miniscule parts of the infinite human spheres that can affect our existence, as we should know well. If we continue to shred the problem instead of looking at it from above, we will never get to the bottom of it.

Chemotherapy was created to act in a vigorously and poisonous manner over the cancer; but it also poisons the rest of the body. How can one believe and continue to believe that this is the only right way? How can they ignore discoveries, which enlightened by scientific evidence, try to act in another way? Cancer will never be cured on its own and with this type of chemotherapy. Never. At least, not if it isn’t modified. When a person reacts well to this type of cure, it is probably because they are simply stronger, have a specific blood type, or because they are still young and have a capacity for higher cell renewal; but after five years undergoing these terrible drugs, 90% of people experience a recurrence that they are no longer able to stop with chemotherapy. This is because the approach was wrong from the beginning, and the dust to clean have become too much; and certainly one does not clean by dirtying even more. We pretend that the past five years of hallucinatory side effects from oral chemotherapy, was the only thing that could have been done. We pretend that the quality of life deep down was not so bad, and in the end, the patient has lived another five years.

This is called chance, fate, destiny. Not science or the art of medicine.

And surprised, that their doctors and health systems acted by following chance, and not thinking that perhaps there is something that they aren’t doing as they should be, that maybe their biggest waste: that which reconnects mind, body, and nature, has come to light.

Because cancer is the largest knot of the century, not Evil.

Evil is not wanting to think in 360 degrees, no longer considering the man, considering ourselves a test tube and nothing more; considering the world and the Earth a test tube and nothing more; forgetting where we come from and where we return: the Earth; forgetting that a degree in medicine is useful for having the bases to reflect and discover ourselves and to help others to do the same. It is not only to have a high salary, a respectable social position and follow the drug protocols without asking any questions. Because whatever might happen, to ask the questions, those same doctors would not find an acceptable and logical answer in those protocols or in the “traditional” way of proceeding to cure a person in full for any kind of discomfort. And albeit, you wanted to continue following the protocols, not to reason and recommend suitable diets, supplements, nutritionist consults, Naturopaths or people specialized in Herbal Medicine…? Why aren’t Naturopaths regulated by law? The figure of Naturopathy in Italy is not regulated, but one can still carry out the profession without the same rights as a doctor or ordinary worker. In England, a person can even be a Homeopath without a medical degree. But a doctor could easily say to an oncology patient or any patient, to drink aloe in the morning or advise them to see a Nutritionist without the prejudice of considering it useless advice; useless because the toxicity of certain drugs is so high that it is true that nature often cannot face this type of enormous poisoning, but surely they wouldn’t do that. And rather than looking with discouraged eyes and full of useless pity on a sick person that by “unlucky destiny” has a disease like cancer, why not take the responsibility of prescribing natural remedies or FEEL OBLIGATED to know that soya beans, like billions of other remedies, have the same properties as chemotherapy drugs without the side effects.

Why do they take the responsibility of deciding to intravenously inject a deadly poison? Why not take the responsibility of being a real doctor and consider, at whatever cost, every inherent discovery, and recommend that which is more suitable and less invasive?

There is something wrong.

There is something wrong between the look of a discouraged doctor, and the full of life look of a Naturopath or whatever other doctor of which one chooses to think.

Yes, to think.

In fact, the exponents of natural medicine absolutely include the possibility of benefitting from more complex molecular drugs, if really needed. They would like to collaborate and unite two types of medicine to be the most efficient for human needs, not damaging that which is still biologically healthy in the body, and strengthening the weak points, but starting from the fundamental assumption that there is a link between body and mind.

There is always something wrong behind laziness or negligence, or a particularly strong blindness against something that is far more logical that that which we are accustomed to thinking and believing as true.

What is it that’s wrong? How is it possible that all traditional medicine does not consider the natural, and why?

If there weren’t a different interest from that which should be, then why aren’t Homeopathic and natural medicines and Naturopathic products reimbursed by national health insurance? Why is a drug with at its core, more toxic substances than others, and with a myriad of side effects longer than the benefits from them, recognized and certified by a Pharmacist, even just for a simple Aspirin? And instead a product like Aloe Vera or Aloe Arborescens whose content is only 100% Aloe and at maximum a harmless preservative with no side effects unless one drinks an excessive quantity, and with benefits that include one-hundred traditional medications all put together without the poisoning effects; indeed, Aloe is also a detoxifier, however, it cannot be refundable?

Many doubts arise in the moment in which one discovers that 70% if not 80% of the revenues of pharmaceutical companies come just from chemotherapy at this time.

Many doubts arise in the moment in which one discovers that the research initiated by Italian (our) Luigi Di Bella on tumors, has been studied, modified, and used in other countries, but not in Italy.

Many doubts arise simply looking for information on the Internet, and thinking about them, arriving to find an extreme lack of logic and huge monsters in the medical and pharmacological system, at least in Italy.

And many doubts arise from comprehending that natural medicine is a clean medicine, a human medicine, which appreciates the man in his entirety, in his physical, psychic, and energetic point of view; for this reason it is a human medicine.

The “slowness” of action, much questioned, is the period of time that clearly our body needs in order to really heal. Natural medicine involves a wide range of natural therapies that act on the body both physically and emotionally in order to relieve pain, improve health status, and also the emotional conditions related to stress and anxiety.

The human body has an innate ability for self-healing that is often hampered by medication taken to treat a symptom. Today medicine has lost the humane part; it is a technological medicine, extremely valuable in the field of science, but not in human terms. Man has an individuality linked to an emotional and psychic aspect. Therefore, one cannot separate disease from this aspect; the disease expresses a symbol, and the symbolism of the disease represents that dimension that every object can have when it evokes a reality not inherent, something that you do not have in your consciousness.

When one falls ill from something, it should be considered a message; a message of discomfort or of contrast that exists between the three brains (theory of Mac Lean), i.e. between the conscious and unconscious parts, in which the cell body represents the implementation, a display of this discomfort. Therefore, the disease is not only falling ill from something randomly; luck does not exist in natural medicine, luck exists in medical technology. And what is still not clear, is that we think just the opposite, namely, that natural medicine is that which is based on chance, but this is not the case.

Besides economic interests which this thesis refers to as the basis of pharmacological choices and at the core of the health system, probably the major obstacle that man needs to overcome, or try to overcome, is fear. This applies to all mankind, and in all areas of life; in this case between doctors, but also among people who choose, of course in a rather controlled manner, how to care for themselves.

The fear that generates enormous prejudices towards whatever is unknown; the fear of being curious, of information, and as a result of our own free thought and will as individuals, fear that is gripping and makes slaves of dogmas that are not dogmas but turn into them. Fear of ourselves and the lack of consideration that we have for our person as a whole, inevitably suppressing everything beautiful and creative in man; believing that “the greats” of the past, those of the present, or those who will be in the future, have something “special”; believing that those who manage to believe in themselves, in their capabilities of making or doing something tangible for themselves and for others, are the results of something that does not belong to everyone. Nothing could be more wrong. To have self-awareness, as a whole, therefore, from a physical and spiritual point of view, is possible for each of us.

Awareness. Awareness is in reality only the road that leads to the enlightenment of our true and unique existence. Awareness is the phase of perception, even cognitive, through which we live a given experience, or think something. This is not to say that we understand it at the foundation. Indeed, animals can also have awareness, but man is also able to comprehend, and so through awareness and comprehension of what is happening to ourselves in our lives specifically, and trying to have an overall view of the historical reality in which we live, we can continue toward enlightenment and continue to illuminate our continuous existence, feeling satisfied with our whole persons.

By now we are extremely accustomed to separating body and spirit, therefore, separating a person from his whole. We do this without even realizing it, and it is probably also a reason for a completely unnatural lifestyle. But here our desire to be better, and to feel satisfied and full of life, enters into action. Not ignoring what is also only intuitive, or an unconscious awareness, one thinks it might harm the mind or body, and not passing from one extreme to the other, compulsively avoiding doing a given action, consuming a certain food, or not thinking morbidly about anything probably damaging for our emotional serenity.

Sometimes this is inevitable; we are human, and there an infinite number of emotional and chemical reasons to take into consideration about our actions. But one can be aware, in a conscious manner, of that which we think and that which we eat, therefore being able to redirect ourselves on the path that we have chosen as right for ourselves, without resulting in justification and seeking blame or explanations outside of ourselves for what happens to us.

To really understand a situation or ourselves does not mean to bring ourselves down or depress ourselves; this could be, indeed often is, a phase, beyond which, however, if one has the courage to move past it and therefore move forward, one can. And if we remain in a phase of “depression”, somehow we will be dependent only and exclusively on ourselves, and the choices that we have made. We must strive for enlightenment, trying to have a conscious awareness of who we are in our own and unique body and our own and unique “head”.
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