Bardin Elementary School, k-6

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Alisal Community School, K-6

1437 Del Monte Avenue

(831) 753-5720, Fax (831) 753-5725

Principal – Elizabeth Armenta

Assistant Principal – Martín Gutiérrez
Bardin Elementary School, K-6

425 Bardin Road

(831) 753-5730, Fax (831) 753-5758

Principal – Dora A. Salazar

Assistant Principal – Ulises González
Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School, K-6

1225 Towt Street

(831) 753-5224, Fax (831) 753-5230

Principal – Monica Anzo

Assistant Principal – Jer Soriano
Creekside Elementary School, K-6

1770 Kittery Street

(831) 753-5252, Fax (831) 753-5256

Principal – Marilyn Cline

Assistant Principal – Jamie Iverson
Frank Paul Elementary School, K-6

1300 Rider Avenue

(831) 753-5740, Fax (831) 753-5268

Principal – Yolanda McIntosh

Assistant Principal – Miguel Porras
Fremont Elementary School, K-6

1255 E. Market Street

(831) 753-5750, Fax (831) 753-5754

Principal- - John Jiménez

Assistant Principal – Clara Fernández
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academy, K-6

925 North Sanborn Road

(831) 796-3911, Fax (831) 796-3921

Principal – Abel De León

Assistant Principal – Suzanne Contreras
Dr. Oscar F. Loya Elementary School, K-6

1505 Cougar Drive

(831) 751-1945, Fax (831) 751-1953

Principal – Diana García

Assistant Principal – Jorge Martínez
Virginia Rocca Barton Elementary School, K-6

680 Las Casitas Drive

(831) 753-5770, Fax (831) 753-5797

Principal – Jose Juan Urquizo

Assistant Principal – Alberto Jaramillo
Jesse G. Sanchez Elementary School, K-6

901 N. Sanborn Road

(831) 753-5760, Fax (831) 753-5764

Principal – Roberto Rodríguez

Assistant Principal – Petra Martínez
John E. Steinbeck Elementary School, K-6

1714 Burlington Drive

(831) 753-5780, Fax (831) 443-0977

Principal – Dr. Christina Palmer

Assistant Principal – Genaro Anaya
Tiburcio Vásquez Elementary School, K-6

1300 Tuscany Blvd.

(831) 770-600, Fax (831) 754-5520

Principal – Dr. Roberto Nuñez

Assistant Principal – Sandra Gutiérrez


Union School

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!
Dear Parents/Guardians,
We are joined by the Board of Trustees and staff in extending a warm welcome to you and your child(ren) to the 2015-2016 school year.
It is VERY IMPORTANT that you review this handbook, and then sign and return the acknowledgement insert. Please refer to the handbook throughout the year for many answers to your questions. Of course, do not hesitate to call (831) 753-5700, ext. 2010 for any assistance you may need.
The staff of the Alisal Union School District is committed to providing a quality educational program for all our students. Our instructional program will focus on the California Common Core State Standards in reading, mathematics, science, social science standards, and the NGELD standards. A major District goal is to ensure that every student attains grade level literacy. Teachers are participating in training to acquire and enhance the knowledge and skills they need to meet the needs of all students. Schools have developed plans that focus on student achievement. We encourage and invite you to become familiar with the programs and plans available to your child with their school.
We will use all available resources, to make every student successful. We are counting on you, the parents, to be partners in the education of your child(ren). We ask that you become active within your child’s school. At home, we ask that you monitor your child’s homework and provide a dedicated time and space at home for schoolwork. It is very important that you read to your child and you encourage your child to read for fun. Finally, please be sure your child is well-prepared for school with adequate sleep and proper nutrition.
Again, welcome to the 2015-2016 school year. We wish you a positive and productive school year.

John Ramírez, Jr.


Please review the material in this handbook. Then SIGN and RETURN the acknowledgement insert.

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