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Annual Report 2009

Annual Parish Meeting

8 February 2010



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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ
The meeting begins with refreshments at 6:00 PM and dinner at 6:30 PM.
7:30 PM Annual Meeting
Hymn 525 – The Church’s one foundation
Opening Prayer
Minutes of the February 2009 Annual Meeting
Appointment of the Teller/Registrar – Mark Nestlehutt
Report of the Nominating Committee – Mark Nestlehutt
Parish Elections:

Junior and Senior Warden

Members of the Vestry

Delegates and Alternates to the 2011 Diocesan Convention
Comments from the Senior Warden – Christopher Whyman
Recognition of those completing vestry terms – Christopher Whyman
Annual Stewardship Campaign Report – Carl Widell
Finance Reports for 2009 – Ed Sipe
Budget for 2010 – Bob Burger
Ministry Focus Reports:

Parish & Community Life: Welcoming Committee – Jim McCloud

Outreach & Wider Mission: Talbot Interfaith Shelter at Christ Church – Pamela McCloud

Clergy Wellness: Sabbatical Update – Abigail & Mark Nestlehutt
Comments from the Associate Rector – Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt
Comments from the Rector – Mark Nestlehutt
Closing Prayer and Blessing
Hymn 525 The Church’s One Foundation

Minutes for the February 2009 Annual Meeting page 6
Senior Warden’s Report to the Parish Christopher Whyman page 8
Rector’s Report to the Parish Mark Nestlehutt page 9
Associate Rector’s Report to the Parish Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt page 11
Assistant’s Report to the Parish Mary Garner page 12
Report of the Nominating Committee Mark Nestlehutt page 13
Christian Formation

Adult Christian Formation Doris Fink page 14

Adult Inquirers Class Mark Nestlehutt page 15

Church School Lee Thomas page 15

Outreach and Wider Mission

Back to School Project Judy Sandground &

Gillian Whyman page 17

Children’s Home Foundation Nance duPont &

Dianne Shaw page 17

Community Food Pantry John & Nancy Masone page 18

Community Grants John Hunnicutt page 19

Community Youth Initiative Mark Nestlehutt page 20

El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza Judy Sandground page 20

El Hogar Dental Mission James Campi page 20

Episcopal Relief & Development Pamela McCloud page 21

Habitat for Humanity John Hunnicutt page 22

United Thank Offering Carol Carlson page 22
Parish and Community Life

Coffee Hour Fritz Riedlin page 22

Covenant Church Fund Oscar Carlson page 23

Episcopal Church Women Sheila Vaughan page 23

Kitchen Committee Mary Riedlin page 24

Lea Library Robert & Lynn Barrett page 24

Men’s Club Leo Foulds page 24

Welcoming Committee Jim McCloud page 25
Pastoral Care

Care Circle Joan Zwemer page 26

Eucharistic Visitors Jessie Weddle page 26

Knitting Group Linda Spire page 26

Prayer Chain Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt page 27

Stephen Ministry Lesley Moyer page 27


Annual Campaign Carl Widell page 27

Finance Report Bob Burger page 28

Budget Report Bob Burger page 30

Consolidated Balance Sheet Ed Sipe page 32

Financial Accounts Description Ed Sipe page 33

Building & Grounds Sal Simoncini page 35

Tellers Ed Sipe page 35
Worship and Music

Acolyte Report Lee Hamilton page 35

Altar Guild Report Helen Bower &

Judy Hause page 36

Flower Guild Nancy Besso page 36

Music William Thomas page 36

Readers/Eucharistic Ministers Chloe Pitard page 37

Ushers Bob Burger page 38
Parish Statistics page 39
2008 Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

2 February 2009
Following dinner in Etherton Hall and singing of “The Church’s One Foundation”, the 2008 Annual Parish Meeting was opened with prayer at 7:35 PM by the Rev. Mark S. Nestlehutt, rector. Jessie Weddle was appointed as registrar/teller for the meeting by the rector.
MINUTES: Upon motion made and seconded, the minutes of the 18 February 2008 Annual Parish Meeting were accepted as presented.
NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT: Serving on the nominating committee were Mark Nestlehutt, Chris Whyman, Alison Sanford, Ann Roe, Bob Holden, and John Hunnicutt. Reporting for the committee. Chris put in nomination the following persons to serve as wardens, vestry members and convention delegates as follows:
Wardens to serve for a one-year term:

Senior Warden: Christopher Whyman

Junior Warden: Alison Sanford
There were no further nominations from the floor and upon motion made and seconded, Chris was elected unanimously as Senior Warden and Alison as Junior Warden for a one-year term of office.
Vestry members to serve for a three-year term:

John Booth

Philip Parkinson

Judy Sandground

Sherry Sutton
Ed Sipe made the motion that the nominations be closed. The motion was seconded by John Hunnicutt. The persons presented by the nominating committee, John Booth, Philip Parkinson, Judy Sandground, and Sherry Sutton, were elected unanimously by the parishioners present.
Delegates to 2010 Diocesan Convention: Alternate Delegates:

Martha Austin James McCloud

John Hunnicutt Pamela McCloud

Alison Sanford Kay Perkins
The motion was made and seconded to accept the recommendations of the Nominating Committee and it was passed unanimously by all parishioners present.
COMMENTS FROM THE TREASURER: Ed Sipe was pleased to report that the year 2008 ended with revenues exceeding expenses by $45,448 and remarked on the generosity of parishioners.
COMMENTS FROM THE SENIOR WARDEN: Chris Whyman reported that Tim Clayton has taken over the sexton duties from Robert Thompson following Robert’s retirement and is doing an outstanding job. He also reported that the Care Circle is supplying transportation for those parishioners needing it. He thanked all parishioners for everything they do to make Christ Church what it is today.

STEWARDSHIP REPORT: Carl Widell, chair, was unable to attend this meeting because his mother is in the hospital. However, he reported pledges for 2009 total $409,000 to date. Also, fifteen new people have been added to the parish lists.
RECOGNITION OF THOSE COMPLETING VESTRY TERMS: Mark Nestlehutt asked retiring vestry members, John Hunnicutt, Bob Holden, and Ann Roe, to come forward. He thanked them for all their hard word over the past three years they served and each was presented with an engraved pewter coaster. Craig English, also a retiring vestry member, had business commitments and was unable to attend the meeting. Mark announced the retirement of Jessie Weddle as Registrar. Jessie, named as Registrar by former rector, Erv Brown in 2001, had served as Registrar for eight years. Mark presented her with an engraved oval tray and thanked her for her service.
BUDGET FOR 2009: Bob Holden reported that the income for the past year was $462,886 - $22,886 over what was expected. Money in the bank is $222,534. Our investments at this point in time total $659,457, down 25% in value. Stock holdings have been moved to the Permanent Investment Fund and fixed-income assets have been moved to the General Investment Fund. Estimated income from both funds are estimated to be $34,000. We need $30,000 this year to make budget which is set at $568,275. The budget for 2008 was $544,550; actual income was $536,000.
ESTABLISHMENT OF WELCOMING COMMITTEE: The committee members are Jim McCloud (chair), Alison Sanford, Bob Burger, Judy Sandground, and Mark Nestlehutt. Parishioners known as “Shepherds” have joined with the ushers and greeters on Sunday mornings. It is proposed to merge the shepherds and the greeters into one group. Visitors and newcomers will be recognized at both Sunday services. Media outreach to inform the community of upcoming events is being handled by Judy Sandground. A ‘Bring a Friend to Church’ Sunday is in the offering.
SHELTER FOR THE HOMELESS: Gillian Whyman and Pamela McCloud are heading up the Shelter for the Homeless program which is scheduled for the week of February 22 – 28, with another week scheduled for March. There are 121 homeless persons in the area and Christ Church will provide shelter for five persons. This includes dinner, breakfast, a packed lunch, and sleeping accommodations for five nights. All this is provided with volunteer labor.
SABBATICAL LEAVE FOR THE NESTLEHUTTS: Because the meeting was running late. Mark said that he and Abigail would limit their reports on the upcoming sabbatical leave. The grant from the Lilly Foundation in the amount of $45,000 has helped greatly with the finances for the leave. Mark and Abigail will use part of the time reestablishing family relations and will spend the first two weeks with Mark’s family in Georgia. The larger part of the sabbatical will take them to New Zealand and on to Australia where Mark will serve at St. Peter’s College, an Anglican boy’s school in Adelaide, with Asa attending as a student. While there Abigail will complete a directed readings program on spirituality and spiritual direction. They plan also to go to Alice Springs and also to Perth on the West Coast to visit with friends there before heaving back to the state by way to Tahiti. Abigail plans to spend much of her time in reading, study, reflection and refreshing vows.
CLOSING PRAYER: The Associate Rector, the Rev. Abigail Nestlehutt, gave the closing prayer and blessing and the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Senior Warden’s Report to the Parish

This past year has been one both of change- some of it planned and some of it unexpected- and of continuing strong support of our many ministries and programs. There is not enough space to highlight all of our ministries, and the reports on the following pages cover many of these.
However mention must be made of the wonderful job in the area of pastoral care that our Stephen Ministers are doing. Stephen Ministry is a great calling and we are blessed at Christ Church with an excellent group of ministers. There is always room for more and an area of need that has been identified is male Stephen Ministers.
The economic downturn has had a disastrous effect on the part of our St. Michaels community living close to or below the poverty line and the number of children in need of assistance for Back-To-School supplies, year books, field trips etc. in our local schools has increased substantially. Our congregation has responded magnificently to this challenge raising a record amount for our Back-To School appeal.
Our congregation has taken on the responsibility of leading other churches and groups in our community to raise the funds and the volunteer pool to build a Habitat house here in St. Michaels. The aim is to break ground fairly soon.
Our church school is in good shape thanks to the hard work and leadership of our new Church School Superintendent - Lee Thomas, and The Rev. Mary Garner who have recruited some outstanding teachers for this year.
Turning now to the changes - our clergy couple Mark and Abigail and their family were away for four months on their planned sabbatical and we were fortunate in finding the Rev. Mary Garner to join the Rev. Paul Winters who led us full time during that period. We are grateful to Paul and Mary for the job that they did. Paul decided to retire from active ministry at the end of that period after serving as an assistant on our clergy team at Christ Church for over nine years. Fortunately for us Mary agreed to continue on our staff as Assistant Rector. We have also been delighted to welcome our new parish administrator, Carol Osborne, and our new sexton, George Short, onto our staff.
We now face a significant challenge which each of us needs to prayerfully consider. Our budgeted income for 2010 is below our anticipated expenses for the first time for many years. This has happened at a time when we need to increase our staff if we are to continue to grow as a parish and to continue to fully fund our ministries and programs. Many churches report that their volunteer pool is shrinking due often to lifestyle changes that have reduced the time available for volunteering. As a result and also in the face of increased expectations of churches for service by members and the larger community staff needs grow. Unfortunately whether or not they are even aware of it many churches staff for a decline in numbers. It is the view of our vestry that we must not allow this to happen at Christ Church and that we would like to find a way to increase either the number and/or the employment status of our clergy. Our parish has always found ways to successfully deal with any issues of this sort and we are confident that this will be the case again.
The spirit and faith of our Parish remains very strong and we look forward to another wonderful year at Christ Church, St. Michaels Parish.

Submitted by Chris Whyman

Rector’s Report to the Parish
In some regards, the winter and spring of 2009 looked like all the others. We marked the feasts of Epiphany and Easter Day, as well as the fasts of Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Inquirer’s classes were held, newcomers were confirmed or received during the Bishop’s annual visitation. The vestry continued with its focus on “Welcoming” newcomers and visitors and on evaluating our “Ministry to Children and Youth.”
Yet, 2009 was also a year like no other in the life of our parish. While this may sound trite, it is a statement of fact. Much of the focus of the parish’s life in 2009 was the rector’s and associate rector’s four-month sabbaticals and the parish’s own sabbatical project. During the past fifty years, if not for its entire history, Christ Church’s clergy had never taken a sabbatical. Thus, the preparations, logistics and staffing for the parish during the 2009 sabbatical period took center stage. Our wardens, Chris Whyman and Alison Sanford, willingly extended their terms to provide continuity of leadership during the May to mid-September sabbaticals.
On May 1, 2009, Abigail, our children and I, began our four-month sabbaticals by visiting my family in Georgia before departing for New Zealand and Australia where I was to serve as visiting chaplain at St. Peter’s College School in Adelaide. The sabbatical was a wonderful opportunity to try new things and to reconnect with working with young people. The cross-cultural experience of being in another Church of the worldwide Anglican Communion also proved to be invigorating and theologically and intellectually stimulating. Above all, the extended time to be with family was a true gift and one for which I am always grateful to the vestry and people of Christ Church.
Upon returning to the States, however, I was notified by the Senior Warden of some ongoing staffing concerns that required their attention and that of Bishop Shand. After conversations with the Wardens and the Bishop, Abigail and I decided to return to the parish a few weeks earlier than originally planned. Our Assistant Rector, Paul Winters, had decided to leave Christ Church and in subsequent conversations with the wardens and myself, our sabbatical assistant, the Reverend Mary Garner, agreed to join our parish clergy staff on a more permanent quarter-time basis. This was not the first staffing matter that the wardens had needed to address. In mid-July our sexton was let go and our former sexton, Robert Thompson, graciously came out of retirement to help out the parish. Shortly after my return to Christ Church, the wardens and I reached the difficult decision that we had to make a long overdo change in the parish office.
It has been said that the only person who likes change is a baby in a wet diaper. As such, the turnover of three key staff members during a three-month period was not without its challenges for some of our parishioners. Writing some three months after these changes, many parishioners have been struck by the overall improvement in the feel and friendliness of Christ Church and how we are taking seriously the mantra of being a “friendly, open and welcoming community.” Sunday attendance, which had fallen dramatically throughout the summer and early fall, was back up to pre-sabbatical numbers by late November and December. To date, Mary Garner, George Short and Carol Osborne have contributed so much to the life of our parish and have brought many gifts and talents to our veteran staff that includes Abigail Nestlehutt, Bill Thomas and Dominique Sturgis.
As we look to the beginning of 2010, there are many people who need to be thanked. First, Chris Whyman and Alison Sanford, our wardens, deserve tremendous credit for their leadership during some rather difficult and trying times. Chris completed three years as Senior Warden and Alison two years as Junior Warden. Both are looking forward to new roles at Christ Church. Four vestry members are completing their three-year terms: Mike Clark; Clyde Sisk; Sheila Vaughan; and Carl Widell. Mike spent his three years, first as liaison to Worship & Music, and then later as liaison for Outreach & Wider Mission. In addition, he chaired the Children & Youth subcommittee of the vestry. Clyde served as one of our liaisons for Parish & Community Life. Sheila also served as a liaison for Parish & Community Life while being a Co-president of the parish’s ECW. And last but not least, Carl served as chairman of our annual stewardship campaign during all three years of his vestry service. Their leadership, guidance and camaraderie will be missed.
In some regards, moving into a new decade is an exciting time for our parish. Outreach & Wider Mission, which has defined our parish for the past several years, continues to expand. In 2009 we saw a record level of giving to our “Back to School” project that benefits poorer public school children in St. Michaels and Tilghman. A new group of parishioners—many first timers—are meeting and planning their June 2010 work team trip to El Hogar in Honduras. Our dental mission continues to thrive with additional dental teams being recruited from throughout the United States. TIS, or Talbot Interfaith Shelter, meets an emerging need in our county and continues to draw volunteers, as does our commitment to Habitat for Humanity.
In all likelihood the “St. Michaels Faith Build”—a project led by Christ Church in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity—involving most of the faith communities from the St. Michaels area will be the defining project for us in the coming year. This initiative to build a Habitat house in St. Michaels will require a substantial effort from our parishioners as well as others. It is an opportunity for us to rally our support for those less fortunate within our own community.
Even in a struggling economy, Christ Church continues to be a dynamic and exciting parish in which to serve and one with an unparalleled generosity of spirit. As one of the largest parishes in the Diocese of Easton and with so many active parishioners, Christ Church still must decide what type of parish it wants to be—a growing parish, a maintenance or “steady state” parish, or a declining parish. As we evaluate what are the strengths and weaknesses of our parish, as well as the opportunities and threats that we face, decisions must be made about our proper staffing, budget and initiatives. These decisions will inform us as to the type of parish we hope to be in the future. The good news is that the choice is up to us.
Once again, I thank each of you for your commitment, faithfulness and desire to do God’s work as parishioners of Christ Church.
Submitted by The Reverend Mark Nestlehutt, Rector

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