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Associate’s Report to the Parish

Sabbatical influenced 2009 tremendously. Planning, executing and returning from sabbatical seemed to occupy much of my time and attention as well as that of the parish in general.
As reported in 2008, the Nestlehutt’s received a sabbatical grant from the Lily Endowment. This generous grant allowed us to take a four month sabbatical that involved a great deal of travel. Additionally, it assisted the parish in hiring clergy to be present in the parish while the rector and associate were away.
Planning and preparing to be away from the parish for four months involved many facets. Notably, I recruited Lee Thomas to take leadership of the Church School program. By all accounts she has done an excellent job and I am grateful for her faithful, energetic and generally wonderful ministry with the young people of Christ Church. In the area of pastoral care I worked with our Stephen Leaders to devise a plan for them to continue their ministry in a way that felt supportive. This included training an additional Stephen Leader and encouraging the team to meet with our sabbatical clergy in early May in order to facilitate communication regarding matters related to pastoral care. Most of our parish activities take place between September-May and so sabbatical did not affect this area a great deal. The one exception to this is the community-wide tent service. As always, Oscar Carlson provided dedicated organizational leadership and this year The Reverend Mary Garner preached while the clergy of the Bay Hundred Area churches covered other aspects of the service. During the winter and spring the people of Christ Church enjoyed various fellowship opportunities as customary. In general, planning and preparing included other details as well.
I was away from Christ Church from May 1st-September 1st. The theme of sabbatical was reconnecting and renewing. Toward this end, sabbatical began and ended with family visits and in between included travel to New Zealand, Australia, French Polynesia and California. The four months of sabbatical gave me a treasured opportunity to be with my family in an unhurried and mindful way and also offered me the chance to explore more fully questions having to do with prayer, spirituality and spiritual direction.
While sabbatical most obviously appears to benefit the clergy who go away, I believe that it benefits the parish as well. During time without the usual clergy leadership the people of the parish have a chance to look at things in a new way and perhaps to take on some new responsibilities. Together we grow to greater appreciation of each other as well as test out and learn new skills that make our relationships richer.
Returning from sabbatical was a process. Because of staffing concerns made known to the rector, sabbatical ended with greater transition than anticipated. The time that I had set aside to process my experiences and incorporate them into my ministry at Christ Church did not materialize in the way that I planned. Still, it was good to return to the parish and to the ministry God has made possible for me in this place. I am grateful for all the various experiences of 2009 because through each one I have grown.
Submitted by The Reverend Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt, Associate Rector

Assistant Rector’s Report to the Parish

Last Eastertide, I came to Christ Church to assist the Reverend Paul Winters during the Nestlehutt's sabbatical and I expected to leave upon their return. Paul and I had a wonderful summer together, enjoying what we called "our summer job". Free of the time constraints and responsibilities of the program year, we worked hard together to make sure that things were in place for the Church School and Rite 13 programs. We also took a fresh look at some aspects of pastoral care which resulted in a twice a month Eucharist at Londonderry and the installation of a confidential record keeping system of pastoral visits and contacts.When Paul retired, Christ Church graciously asked me to stay on. I continue to assist with pastoral care and ministry to children and youth, as well as preaching and leading worship. It has been exciting to experience the fullness of ministries and programs that have come with fall and winter. My time with you has been a wonderful blessing. I remember Tatiana's lovely words from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, "Summer still doth tend upon my state." and am grateful that my summer job goes on.

Submitted by The Reverend Mary P. Garner, Assistant Rector

Report of the Nominating Committee
Monday, February 8, 2010
In accordance to the by-laws of Christ Church – St. Michael’s Parish, the Nominating Committee for 2010 consisted of the following individuals:
Martha Austin Alison Sanford

Mark Nestlehutt Sheila Vaughan

Fritz Riedlin Christopher Whyman

The following persons have been nominated by the Committee for election at the 2009 Annual Meeting:
To serve as senior warden (1 year term): Robert Burger
To serve as junior warden (1 year term): Sherry Sutton
To serve as vestry members (3 year term): John Masone

Rick Morgan

Fritz Riedlin

Carolyn Wasdyke

To serve as Delegates and Alternates for the Year 2011 Diocesan Convention:
Delegates Alternates

Jim McCloud Neil Armstrong

Pamela McCloud Susan Armstrong

Kay Perkins Elizabeth Morgan

Submitted by Mark Nestlehutt, for the Committee




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