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Adult Christian Formation Committee

The mission of the Adult Christian Formation is to provide Sunday morning forums for parishioners that deepen their understanding of and commitment to their faith. By word and example they will demonstrate the good news of God in Christ as they seek to serve Him in all persons. They will demonstrate their love of neighbor and strive for justice and peace among all people respecting the dignity of every human being.
Toward the end of the forum calendar year, a brainstorming session was utilized to create a listing of proposed topics for the upcoming year. After compiling and printing these topic titles, this listing was given to forum participants for rating purposes. The results of the rating process further assisted in the planning of topics for the next forum year. Clergy/staff recommendations were requested as well. These topics included subjects involving Holy Scripture, church history, Christian theology, studies in contemporary society, ministry, Christian ethics, and moral theology.
During 2009, thirty-three presentations were conducted by parishioners, clergy and guest speakers. Two additional forums entitled “Meet and Greet” focused on people becoming more familiar with one another. The first “Meet and Greet” was scheduled at the beginning of the first session in September; the second session took place in January after the New Year. Everyone enjoyed having extra time together to chat and meet new friends.
A listing of presenters for the past program year included Michael Clark (Vestry), Tim Fluharty (Fluharty Electric), Edward M. Gabriel (U.S. Ambassador to Morocco), John Hunnicutt (Vestry), Liz Kinchen (Executive Director of El Hogar in North America), Ryk Lesser (Green Energy Design), Jim McCloud (Vestry), Fritz Riedlin (former Senior Warden), Larry Sanford (Horn Point Laboratories), Christopher Whyman (Senior Warden), and Pamela Widell (architect). Clergy presenters were the Rev. Bee Billups, the Rev. Mary Garner, the Rev. Abigail Nestlehutt, the Rev. Mark Nestlehutt, the Rt. Rev. Bishop Shand, and the Rev. Paul Winters.
This committee led by chairman Fritz Riedlin who organized numerous weekly coffee hosts who provided delicious and attractive refreshments for all members. Margie Steffens, an environmentalist, introduced an organic Fair Trade coffee. A subgroup of the kitchen group kept our facilities in immaculate condition.
For the purpose of making our forum sessions more interactive and inviting, we introduced the use of permanent name cards for each member. We are grateful to Tom Norris for constructing the name card boards and Linda Doherty for printing the name cards. This new process has been well received by both new and seasoned members of the Adult Forum.
Our support staff made it possible for The Adult Christian Formation group to be an effective vehicle in Christ Church. Robert Holden, former Vestry member, continued to complete the task of copying Sunday morning presentations on discs for our church library. We also introduced a portable microphone for audience participation so that questions/comments could be recorded. Jim McCloud, Adult Christian Formation Vestry Liaison, supported the Adult Christian Formation Group at the vestry level and was available to fill in and assist the Sunday morning forums in many capacities.
George Short, our custodian, willingly arranged the room for all occasions. Carol Osborne, parish administrator, highlighted our program news in the Sunday bulletins and produced our semi-annual trifolds. Kim Liberatore-Stolz, Tidings Editor, published The Adult Christian Formation news monthly. We are grateful for their untiring efforts on our behalf.
On December 13, I ended my six and one half years as chairperson to the Adult Christian Formation group. This experience has been a God-given gift. It is with great thanksgiving and praise to God for all of the members who supported our forums during my tenure. I have surely been blessed during our spiritual journey together. Beginning on January 10, 2010, the Adult Christian Formation group will be led by Chairman Carl Widell, former Stewardship Chairman of Christ Church. Blessings to Carl.
Submitted by Doris G. Fink, Adult Christian Formation Committee Coordinator

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