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Adult Inquirers Class

The adult inquirers class is for those adults who are new to Christ Church, the Episcopal Church or Christianity in general. The scope of the class encompasses what it means to be a Christian and how the Episcopal Church understands this question, as well as our own specific style of worship and denominational history. The class met four times during February and March 2009. The primary text for the class was Christopher Webber’s book, Welcome to the Episcopal Church and our principle text for worship, The Book of Common Prayer (1979). Nine individuals attended the course. During his April 2009 visitation, Bishop Shand confirmed seven individuals who had attended the class.
Submitted by Mark Nestlehutt

Church School

We co-hosted Vacation Bible School with St. Luke’s United Methodist Church this past summer. Approximately 40 children from our community enjoyed a week of creative and evangelical fun and praise. We had 15 teens from Christ Church Rite 13, St. Luke's, and the local community who pitched in and helped keep our little campers engaged and on schedule during the week. It was a wonderful community effort!


Our Rite 13 youth also hosted the Easter Egg Hunt for the littlest of our parishioners. They stuffed the eggs and came on a chilly Easter morning to hide the eggs in our church yard and kept the hunters safely on our property.  


The 2009/2010 Program Year started off in mid-September with a Commissioning of the Classroom Leaders and Assistants during the 10:15 AM service. We had ten talented (and dedicated) adult volunteers and several youth who alternated so that there were always at least two adults in the classroom every week. This year we choose to have one integrated classroom with children ages four through 4th grade (9-10 years).  (Youth in grade 5th through 8th were welcomed to participate in the Rite 13 Program offered on every other Sunday afternoon during each month.)  There were 23 children registered in the church school program and average attendance was between eight and fifteen children weekly. Church school ran very smoothly this year thanks to Lee Thomas' dedication and organization and the commitment of all teachers and volunteers -- plus a great group of children. While we were using the same curriculum as last year, Seasons of the Spirit, we often substituted other lessons and activities for the children, to try and hold everyone’s interest.  It can be a bit of a challenge to contain some of the youthful enthusiasm in the rooms upstairs! We tried a new approach with snack this year and have been serving it upstairs in the classroom at the end of the lesson and activity. This seems to be working well and makes it an easier transition from classroom to chapel, but we’ve decided to have the children enjoy snack downstairs after the Adult Forum on the first Sunday of each month starting in February so that the children can interact with their parents and other adults on those days. 
The Rite 13 program has moved to a bi-weekly Sunday afternoon schedule to accommodate activities which require more time to complete. This year we have been kayaking, been on a geo-caching adventure, assembled Thanksgiving meals for needy Bay Hundred families, and baked cookies for Youth Sunday services. These young members of the parish continue to provide positive efforts and hard work for the parish and look forward to the Habitat Faith Build.
Some highlights of activities we’ve experienced together so far:
September – “Sundae Social” to kick off the Program Year
October – “All Hallows Pumpkin Project” carving with the Reverend Mary Garner
November – Creation of an All Saints Day “bell banner” for the remembrance of saints among us & annual Advent Wreath workshop
December – Preparations and planning for the annual Christmas Pageant
The Christmas pageant was held on January 3rd, postponed due to the snowstorm on the weekend of December 20th. Always a popular event, the pageant was a huge success and many commented it was one of the best so far. It was nice to start off the new year with a reminder of what Christmas is really about. Speaking of which, 2010 is underway and we’re looking forward to a special Youth Sunday on January 31st. The class schedule for January through May will be distributed soon and we hope to plan some special events each month for the children to participate in. We definitely have a great group of children and adult volunteers – thanks to all of them and thanks be to God!

Submitted by Phil Parkinson



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