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Back to School Project

2009 has been another difficult year for many in our community. The number of children at or below the poverty level has risen to almost 50% at Tilghman Elementary School and to 37% at St Michaels Elementary School.
This year we filled 54 backpacks and many plastic storage bins with the required supplies for all elementary grades and delivered them before school opened for the new school year. With the concerns about H1N1 virus we decided to purchase large quantities of hand sanitizers and hand soap, encouraging the children to use often, in an attempt to provide a degree of protection for all those in the school environment. We increased the amount of supplies purchased and gave each school a check with additional money to cover field trips and periodicals.
Normally our Back to School program supports only elementary children at St. Michaels and Tilghman. This year, however, donations of college ruled paper and spiral notebooks prompted us to visit St. Michaels High School to offer these supplies. While at the high school we discovered many more students in need. Not only did they need basic supplies but there were students who were unable to pay their insurance on the computers provided by Talbot County, and the principal advised that five students graduating in 2010 could not afford their senior pictures or their caps and gowns. After some discussion about expanding our program, we delivered a check for the lap top computer insurance for 20 students and for the senior pictures and caps and gowns. In addition we provided high school students with 14 backpacks and extra supplies. The need for nine of those backpacks was identified by volunteers at the Food Bank. We did explain to the high school principal that we could not promise this help on a regular basis, but due to the generous support of our congregation we were able to do it for this school year.
To everyone who donated, we do thank you. It has truly been a record year for the Back to School campaign. You make a big difference in the lives of so many in our community.
Funds raised in 2009 $16,410

Funds spent as of 1/17/10 $10,541

Funds available for additional needs

during the second semester and funds

available to allow us to begin shopping

in June $ 5,869

Submitted by Judy Sandground and Gillian Whyman

Children’s Home Foundation (CHF)
The Children's Home Foundation of the Eastern Shore provides scholarships to high school graduates who want to pursue vocational and technical fields of education. The most popular courses that are studied include nursing, early childhood education, radiology technology, computer technology, and business management. Currently 106 students are enrolled with scholarships totaling $192,000. These students usually graduate within two or three years with a marketable skill, remain on the eastern shore and contribute to our work force.


CHF also offers "camperships" to children to attend summer camps; about half attend Camp Wright. In 2009, CHF supported 92 campers totaling $29,000 – a 24% increase in the number of campers from 2008.


Most of the children and graduates who receive scholarships and camperships would not have had the opportunity to attend summer camp or to pursue further education. The contributions which you so generously give every year in November are distributed locally.


The Children's Home Foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009. It has donated more than $3.6 million to needy students and children during that time. We owe all our thanks to our generous donors.


Submitted by Nance duPont and Dianne Shaw


St. Michaels Community Food Pantry

We are pleased to advise that despite the worst recession since 1929, the St. Michaels Community Food Bank’s mission of providing food for those who need it - a need that has tripled in the last four years - has been met in multiple ways through the generous spirit of our parish and community at large. Children and young people have joined the adult members of Christ Church in assuring that no one goes without nourishment. There are no employees or staff associated with this mission – every single penny donated is used to provide food for our most impoverished and vulnerable neighbors.
Here are some highlights and new initiatives for 2009:

  • We prepared an unprecedented number of Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets for our community. Our thanks to our Rite 13 youth at Thanksgiving and (in our absence) to Mary Ellen Olcese and John Scofield at Christmas.

  • The Food Bank was “adopted” by the Vacation Bible School class this summer. Students learned about the mission of the Food Bank and every student brought in one or more food items daily to class. The donations resulted in dozens of bags of groceries for our needy clients.

  • The annual Boy Scout Food Drive produced more than twice the amount of food ever received.

  • The Girl Scouts, the Woman’s Club, St. Michaels Elementary School, Tilghman Elementary School, Talbot Bank, and St. Luke’s parishioners have all had year-long food drives, fundraising, or both.

  • St. Michaels Farmer’s Market vendors now graciously donate fresh vegetables every Saturday in season. These are collected and refrigerated in the Christ Church parish hall fridge and distributed by volunteers to clients later in the week.

  • Regular service hours have been established: Mondays 9:00 to 11:00 AM, Thursdays 3:00 to 5:00 PM and one Thursday evening a month from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. A volunteer is there to assist clients in selecting foods based on their specific family size and nutritional or medical needs.

  • We have established an additional low income housing contact to assist in helping provide food to shut-ins.

  • Major cash donations and grants for the year include Christmas in St. Michaels, St. Michaels Rotary, Crop Walk, Empty Bowls, and the St. Michaels Food and Wine Festival. Our thanks go out to every community member assisting these volunteer service clubs and programs.

  • Perhaps the greatest gift received in the history of the St. Michaels Food Bank is the check for over $4,000 in completely unsolicited Christmas gifts from Christ Church parishioners. What a true gift!

Our finances remain strong thanks to all your work and generous support.
Submitted by John and Nancy Masone

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