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Community Grants

With an emphasis on the youth in our area, the Community Grants Committee undertook an outreach strategy to ensure support to programs and projects we should know more about or not want to neglect. The geographic priority order was our local Bay Hundred area, the Eastern Shore/Delmarva, the nation and international activities. The committee met quarterly which enabled it to spread grants throughout the year. The process for considering grants was formalized with requirements for more explicit and informative written requests from grant recipients. The committee also began preliminary consideration of initiating a matching grants program. A certain portion of its budget would be set aside to match the support provided by parishioners for programs in which they are actively and personally involved. With a budget of $20,000 plus $4,000 to be allocated for the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) the Committee supported these programs and projects:
Bay Hundred Youth Task Force

Boy Scout Troop 741

Camp Agape

Camp Wright

Court Appointed Special Advocates of Talbot County

Channel Markers

Children’s Home Foundation

Critchlow Adkins Children’s Center

El Hogar Ministries & Dental Clinic

Episcopal relief and Development (MDG)

For All Seasons

Girl Scout Troop 799

Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance (MDG)

St. Michaels Youth & Law Enforcement

St. Michaels Community Center

St. Michaels Volunteer Fire Department

The Talbot Interfaith Shelter
Submitted by John Hunnicutt

Community Youth Initiative/Wednesday “Teen Night”

The Community Youth Initiative is a joint venture of Christ Church and the St. Michaels Community Center that dates to the fall of 2005. Teen Night is held on Wednesday evenings in Etherton Hall during the academic calendar year. The program is an enrichment program for middle school age young people from the Bay Hundred area. In addition to safe space and age-appropriate programming, a warm meal is provided. During the summer months the program is held at the Bay Hundred Pool with weekly Splash Parties. The program is funded from a line item under the Outreach and Wider Mission area of our annual operating budget. In 2009 we undertook a review of the project and in conjunction with the Community Center the “Teen Night” program was relocated to the Community Center’s new in-town location on Railroad Avenue.
Submitted by Mark Nestlehutt

El Hogar de Amor Y Esperanza (the Home of Love and Hope)
The involvement of Christ Church with the children and staff of El Hogar in Tegucigalpa, Honduras began in 2004. Parishioner work teams visited in May 2005, May 2006, and March 2007. A trip planned for May 2008 was cancelled due to a hurricane and an airliner crash at Tegucigalpa International Airport.
Funds to support the orphanage and school were raised in 2008 from the proceeds of our Fabulous Fish Fry Fiesta. Another Fish Fry Fiesta, sure to be fabulous, will be held this year on March 12, 2010 to support this outreach.
Liz Kinchen, Director of El Hogar Ministries, Inc., preached at both services and led Adult Forum in October. Another Christ Church work team is being organized for the summer of 2010.
Submitted by Judy Sandground with input from Abigail Nestlehutt

El Hogar Dental Mission

This past year was a busy year for the dental mission program. The completion of much needed storage space and new sink area was a great help.
In mid March, the first dental team from Christ Church spent nine days at El Hogar. A team of four headed by Dr. Campi examined some 70-plus new kids and treated many of 400 children at El Hogar that week. The following week, Dr. Holston from Easton brought his staff with him and continued to treat the children. This was followed by a child specialist, Dr. Rozanski, from Florida. He and his staff spent a week in May at the Clinic.
Dr. Campi, a dental assistant and a dental technician from Schein Dental Company returned in September to treat some and do maintenance work on all the equipment. A team from Fredericksburg, Virginia followed them as the final week of work in 2009.

2010 promises to be another successful year with three teams scheduled to work a week at a time at the clinic. The first trip is scheduled for February 4th through the 13th. The same team that has gone for the past three years from Christ Church will again make the mission trip to treat the children. Two teams from Easton will follow in May. Dr. Holston’s office staff will return for the second time and will be followed by one of his classmates, a child specialist Dr William Houck. Each will spend a week treating the children.

The program is on solid ground. We still are looking for other dental teams that are willing to go and heal those in need. Please let us know if your dentist would be willing to help this mission of mercy.

I will be at Christ Church for the adult forum on March 21st to review and answer any questions about the program. I hope to see all of you then.

Submitted by Dr. James R. Campi, El Hogar Dental Chair

Episcopal Relief & Development (ERD)
Christ Church has supported Episcopal Relief and Development for several years through an annual contribution. This program is a compassionate response of the Episcopal Church to human suffering in the world. Hearing God's call to seek and serve Christ in all persons and to respect the dignity of every human being, Episcopal Relief and Development serves to bring together the generosity of Episcopalians and others with the needs of the world. ERD faithfully administers the funds that are received from the Church and raised from other sources. It provides relief in times of disaster and promotes sustainable development by identifying and addressing the root causes of suffering. Episcopal Relief and Development cherishes its partnerships within the Anglican Communion, with ecumenical bodies and with others who share a common vision for justice and peace among all people.
Our parish’s contribution added to that of others as well as individual and corporate donors allowed ERD to provide services to almost 3 million people in 46 countries in 2008. With a budget of just over $20 million, 92% of all donor dollars go directly to programs (administrative and fundraising expenses of 15% are offset by Mission Society contributions). As a result, ERD meets established measures of donor efficiency. Christ Church’s support of ERD will allow it to continue its commitments to:
Alleviating Hunger and Improving Food Supply

Creating Economic Opportunities and Strengthening Communities

Promoting Health and Fighting Disease

Responding to Disasters and Rebuilding Communities
For further information on the work of ERD, visit their website at er-d.org.
Submitted by Pamela McCloud

Habitat for Humanity

A Habitat “Partner in Faith” and a leader in the “St. Michaels Faith Build”
Christ Church continued its active support of Habitat for Humanity Choptank. As a committed “Partner in Faith” we offered our prayers for Habitat and its volunteers; we continued our annual financial support; and, every other month we assembled a construction crew to participate in a current building project.
Affirming our commitment, the Vestry early in the year decided that we would undertake the leadership in organizing a coalition of local churches and a broad range of St Michaels citizens to build a decent, affordable home for a deserving family
In October we were joined by St. Luke’s United Methodist Church and Union United Methodist Church in launching the “St. Michaels Faith Build”. The future homeowner met our parishioners during recent Sunday services. After several months of effort the money needed to begin the project was raised and the groundbreaking is scheduled for Saturday, March 13, 2010. Construction work on the home on Brooks Lane will take place every Tuesday and Saturday. Volunteers from the three churches and the community are being organized and schedules are in preparation. More financial resources are needed to complete the project and active fundraising in the community will continue.
Submitted by John Hunnicutt

United Thank Offering

Two UTO ingatherings were conducted, one in May 2009, the other in November 2009, for a total of $1,645.61.  (May $792.00, November $1,276.00)


Because we have so many reasons to be thankful, others do, too.
Submitted by Carol Carlson



Coffee Hour

The coffee hour between services continues to run very smoothly. We have enough hosts so that the burden on each host team is not too great. The clean-up remains a “team” effort, with enough hands doing dishes and emptying and cleaning the coffee urns, so that it is seamless and quick.

 Special recognition must be given to Margaret and Al Naeny for the outstanding job on Founders Day Sunday. The crowd at adult forum was “standing room only” and the fare was truly very special and appropriate for the time we were celebrating.

 To Margaret, Al and all the others who participate we give heart felt thanks!

Submitted by Fritz Riedlin, Coffee Hour Team Coordinator

Covenant Church Fund

We had one joint tent service on June 28, 2009. We started with a balance of $1,217.62, collected $869.30.00 at the service, had expenses of $938.50, which left a balance of $1,148.42
Submitted by Oscar Carlson, Treasurer, Covenant Churches

Episcopal Church Women (ECW)
The organization of Episcopal Church Women empowers women to serve Christ, our Church, and our Community. All women of Christ Church are members of ECW and are encouraged to participate in our outreach activities, monthly programs, and fellowship.
For the second straight year, we raised over $22,000 for our outreach ministry through our spring and fall rummage sales, Christmas Bazaar, and card party. The combined efforts of all volunteers, including the men of the parish and our friends and neighbors, will enable us to serve approximately 25 charities this year. In addition to the above charities, ECW distributed Christmas gift bags to people who were unable to participate in Church activities and provided Christmas presents for children through our Angel Tree project. Our parishioners contributed generously for the United Thank Offering.
Our monthly ECW luncheon/programs encourage friendship and camaraderie. We learned about the art of paper cutting in January from renowned artist, Nancy Cook. Tom Orem presented a timely program on financial planning in February. Our first Christ Church card party at Londonderry last March was a resounding success with all tables filling up quickly. This “fun-raiser” brought in over $800.00 for outreach. Betsy Taylor presented us with a fascinating glimpse into the gardens of Beatrix Farrand in April. Everyone enjoyed our May trip to the Washington National Cathedral and the luncheon hosted by the women of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. Our annual June luncheon was held at Londonderry Manor House again, to the delight of all. We returned in September to the Reverend Mary Garner’s inspiring program on incorporating prayer into our daily lives. Our October program by Alice Bower and Valerie Lamont introduced us to the work of the Women and Girls’ Fund. We all enjoyed Lynn Freeburger’s November program on the restoration of the Asbury & Green Cemetery in Bozman. November is also memorable as Jessie Weddle was honored by the Diocesan ECW at a Service of Thanksgiving for Women’s Ministries.
Our 2nd Annual Interfaith Christmas luncheon and program brought approximately 80 women from all the churches in St. Michaels together for a delicious luncheon and companionship. Afterwards, 90 men and women filled the church for a stellar performance of the Easton High School Chamber Singers under the direction of Chris Noyes.
The Executive Board of ECW thanks the women and men of our parish for your time, talents, and generosity. You have helped us to serve Christ, our church, and our community. Peg Orem and I have thoroughly enjoyed our two years as co-presidents of Christ Church’s ECW. We thank you for your love and support.


Submitted by Sheila Vaughan

Kitchen Committee
The ten members of the kitchen committee have worked diligently taking good care of our wonderful kitchen. Two members are on kitchen duty for one week, every five weeks, and work with outside groups who plan to use the kitchen facility. Using the dishwasher properly is our greatest concern, and one of the team members is responsible for meeting with the group to assist with this operation.
 George Short, our sexton, has been very helpful in seeing that the "hard to reach" areas, such as the ceiling lights, gas stove, etc. are cleaned. He is also assisting us with the recycling of glass containers, metal cans and plastic containers.  This is quite a job and we are very appreciative for his service.


The congregation has been responsive when we make a plea for towels or dishcloths, etc.  We need to reiterate our request that all left over food brought into the kitchen for an event is not to be in the refrigerator. This very much includes opened bottles of soda.  Thank you for your help and support.
Submitted by Nancy Sipe and Mary Riedlin, Co-Chairs

Lea Library
The Lea Library continues to grow. We purchased books costing $116.20 and received several boxes of books as donations. Circulation of books also continues to grow. In addition to a number DVDs, we have also added CDs recorded from the Sunday forums. The principal problem at the moment is one of space for books. We are in the process of shelving oversized books by themselves and removing duplicate copies and unwanted books from the shelves to create more space. We expect to have additional shelves for books in the workroom to house the duplicates. When all the above has been completed we will have to remove computer records of books no longer held in the library.
Submitted by Marilyn and Robert Barrett

Men’s Club

The Men’s Club unites members in brotherhood and prayer and strengthens knowledge of local, national and world issues. Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month (except June-August) at 8 AM at Christ Church in Etherton Hall. Breakfast is served followed by a short prayer and a wide range of speakers have been invited. Maintaining a level of interest and subjects discussed is an ongoing challenge and some member have aided this.
A breakfast donation of $10 is required to which $7 pays for a hot freshly cooked on site ‘gourmet’ breakfast and the remainder goes into a charitable fund. The group has contributed over $2,000 to El Hogar and recently $1,000 to Habitat for Humanity. We still have $1,300+ in the fund to be dispersed later. Membership remains at a steady thirty-five and our donations are testament to their loyalty and support.
Submitted by Leonard H. Foulds, III, Chairman, Men’s Club

Welcoming Committee
I was a stranger, and you welcomed me (Matthew 25:35)
Growing out of a vestry retreat in February 2008, the Welcoming Committee was established to reach out to new members for Christ Church and to ensure that all who attend are warmly received. The committee is composed of Bob Burger, Mark Nestlehutt, Judy Sandground, Alison Sanford, Sheila Vaughan, and Chairman, Jim McCloud. Meetings are held in the parish house, the third Tuesday of each month.
Activities carried out in 2009 that helped ensure a warm reception to all visitors included: clergy recognition of visitors; distribution of Welcome Packets; follow-up with visitors from the area; and a rector’s reception for newcomers. Also, the genuine welcome from the Greeters and Ushers as well as the parishioners has gained Christ Church a reputation as warm and friendly church.
To attract newcomers, the Welcoming Committee has worked to spread the word about Christ Church programs and activities and thus help make us an appealing spiritual destination and home. Judy Sandground in particular was responsible in 2009 for the excellent coverage Christ Church received in local newspapers and publications. She also placed advertisements for Christ Church public events, and new this year, arranged for a display ad in the Yellow Book. In addition, she purchased a new sandwich board to promote Christ Church events. The Welcoming Committee also formed the Parish Paparazzi this year, a group of church photographers who take photos of Christ Church events for use with our own publications as well as for the media. The committee also coordinated the updating of the church database and the publication of a new parish photo directory to be released early in 2010. Special thanks are due to Jim Campi (until his departure), and Fritz and Mary Riedlin for their organization of the photo shoots and follow-through. Also thanks to Kim Weller for formatting the directory.
For 2010, we will continue the above activities and will also expand our welcoming efforts. For example, during a special service this year, new members will be incorporated formally into our parish. The Welcoming Committe also planned a new event, the commemoration of the 1672 founding of St. Michael’s Parish on January 24th. The historically accurate worship services enjoyed good publicity and attract wide interest. New as well in 2010 will be a web-based version of the parish photo directory making it easy to add and update information for newcomers and old timers alike.
Submitted by Jim McCloud, Committee Chair



Care Circle

Our Care Circle volunteers are an active group who happily prepare and deliver meals to those in need of a little help through a difficult time due to illness or the happy stress after an addition to the family. They also readily provide transportation for such things as medical appointments or occasional grocery shopping. Our volunteers are always available for whatever needs are to be met. Of course, we can always use more help and we very much appreciate being informed if you know someone who might be in need, but is hesitant to ask for assistance. We always get more from these efforts than we give. Please let Joan Zwemer or Abigail know if you would like to be involved.
Submitted by Joan Zwemer

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic visitors are those lay persons licensed by the diocese to lay communion to the ill or persons otherwise unable to get to church. Communion kits for this purpose contain wafers and wine which have been blessed by the priest during a service of Holy Communion. Presently we have four eucharistic visitors, all of whom have been dedicated to this ministry for the past eight years. During the year 2009, 78 private communions were entered in the church register. Of these our Eucharistic Visitors served 58, some in private home, some in the hospital, and other in retirement homes.
Submitted by Jessie Weddle

Knitting Group

The Christ Church Knitting group continues to bring joy and satisfaction to its members, old and new, as they use their talents for the benefit of others. New members are always welcome to help us with our work. The creation of knitted bears for AIDS orphans throughout Africa, prayer shawls for those who are ill, baby blankets for the newest members of our parish, mittens and scarves for those in need, and assorted items for the ECW Christmas Bazaar keep us busy and very productive. The camaraderie and friendship that accompanies our work is an added bonus. We were saddened to lose two of our founding members this years – Sarah Megargee and Mary Thomas. We miss their bright spirits and gifted hands.
Submitted by Linda Spire

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain at Christ Church is a group of twelve women and men of the church who pledge to pray daily for a specific and confidential list of concerns. The group meets monthly for updates and for mutual encouragement. Being steadfast in prayer in this fashion is one way in which we live out our baptismal promise to “continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in the prayers.” At the end of 2009 Doris Fink stepped down as convener of the Prayer Chain after many years of dedicated service. We are grateful for her faithful ministry. The Reverend Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt resumed leadership of the group in the fall of 2009.
Submitted by Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt

Stephen Ministry
Our Stephen Ministry program continues to flourish – as of this writing we have a total number of 18 trained Stephen Ministers (two of whom also serve on the Leadership Team). Two of these Stephen Ministers are members of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. Also as of this writing, Ann Roe is attending a Leadership Training Conference and we are eager to welcome her home to join the team. In October, 2009 one of our Leaders, Aly Valentine decided to step down. Aly has taught all three classes to date, and was invaluable during the initiation of our program. We owe her many thanks for her thoughtful wisdom and insightful teaching. Tom Mendenhall ‘stepped up to the plate’ and went to Leadership Training in June. He came back from the conference full of enthusiasm and ideas and did a wonderful job of rejuvenating us just in time for the beginning of the fall schedule. Tom will continue where Aly left off and teach future classes. We are hoping to start a “Men Only” class sometime this year. To date, our team has ministered to 32 care receivers, ten are currently matched with care receivers, and we regularly meet on a monthly basis for supervision meetings. We continue to be a strong and highly dedicated team, eager and ready to be of help dealing with a variety of difficult and trying circumstances – we are here to CARE and LISTEN.
Submitted by Lesley Moyer



Annual Campaign

In 2009, our Stewardship Campaign continued to face challenges originating from a depressed economy. We received pledges of $440,000, which is below our goal and below our pledge total of $470,000 from last year. This means we will have to cut back on several of the programs we had planned and in all probability will have to cut back on some existing programs. I would like to thank our Stewardship Committee, Chris Whyman, Alison Sanford, Bob Burger, Chloe Pitard and Phil Parkinson who worked very hard in a difficult year. A special thanks to Carol Osborne who came in new and got to work at once, with a warm, pleasant manner that made my job much easier.
Submitted by Carl Widell, Stewardship Chair

Finance Report

Christ Church St. Michael’s Parish is blessed with members who care very deeply about the missions of the church and our ability to meet parish, community, and even broader goals. As evidence of this commitment, 2009 ended on a positive financial note with income exceeding expenses for the fifth consecutive year. This result was achieved in no small part by the vestry and members throughout the congregation who exercised great responsibility in the use of church funds. Their diligence led to a year-end surplus of $23,384. At a meeting of the vestry on January 12, 2010, a motion was approved to transfer these funds to the Operating Reserve Fund.
Although the 2009 calendar/fiscal year ended well, some areas of concern began to emerge – problems that will present serious challenges to our parish throughout 2010 if they are not resolved in the near future. In the first section below, income sources for 2009 and 2010 that generate revenue for our operating budget will be discussed. The second section will focus on 2009/2010 expenses associated with clergy and our six areas of mission. In both of these sections, the aforementioned challenges will be noted, where appropriate. Following the sections, budget summaries are appended to provide further detail.
Section I – Income for 2009 and 2010
The single greatest source of income is Pledges. In 2009, pledges were somewhat slow coming in, creating concern that revenue goals would not be met. However, nearly $40,000 in pledges were received in December, the revenue gap narrowed, and the year-end shortfall was only $2,560. The true extent of the problem became clearer during the Stewardship Campaign for 2010. As of the writing of this report, pledges of only $419,000 have been received for 2010. This amount falls short of our goal by over $90,000 and creates a need for vestry to approve a structural deficit-funded operating budget for the first time in recent history. In order to meet our expense obligations under this budget, substantial distributions from both the Outreach Account and the Operating Reserve will be necessary unless supplementary fundraising efforts are successful.

In order to offset possible deficits in 2009 and probable deficits in 2010, a distribution of $36,000 was taken from the Permanent Endowment Fund (PEF). This meant that income from investments eventually exceeded budgeted amounts for 2009 by over $13,000. This positive outcome, together with the generous contributions of people in the budget category of “Friends,” allowed us to overcome deficits in other income categories and realize a final budget surplus of $6839 in total revenue received.
Section II – Expenses by Mission Area for 2009 and 2010
Clergy – For the second consecutive year, clergy has declined to accept the merit raise approved by vestry. This generous act is meant to help meet the financial demands facing the parish in 2010. The vestry has decided to keep all current clergy and staff in place for this year in the hope that economic conditions will improve and church revenue levels will increase as a result of stewardship efforts during 2010.
Worship and Music – This mission area was under budget by over $7,000 for 2009. In 2010, some of this surplus will be used to pay for important repairs to the church organ. Funds available for choir section leader salaries have been reduced, and the overall 2010 budget for this area is nearly $2,000 less than last year.
Christian Formation – Although vestry was able to approve a slight increase in the church school and nursery budgets, the overall 2010 budget for this mission area is $220 less than for 2009. Additional savings may be realized in this area if spending economies realized last year continue.
Parish and Community Life – This is an area of mission that is comprised of activities where significant savings can be realized. Through the careful use of funds, 2009 expenditures in this area approached $5,000 less than was budgeted with large savings in Visibility/Advertising and the Welcoming Committee. The 2010 budget reflects our expectation that similar savings can be realized in 2010 without compromising goals in this important part of our church life.
Outreach and Wider Mission – Grants in this area will be based on distributions from the Outreach Account. Although some grants may be reduced for 2010, it is not the intent of vestry to eliminate these grants. Further, it is vestry’s hope that full funding can be restored if the 2010 stewardship campaign is successful. All outreach responsibilities for 2009 were met in full.
Pastoral Care – The Stephen Ministry Training budget has been left at the same level as for 2009. Over expenditures in this area last year were necessary to train larger than expected numbers of volunteers and are unlikely to be repeated in 2010.
Stewardship – With our new sexton on board, expenditures will be more predictable in 2010 with less reliance on outside contract help. Although utilities are projected to cost about the same as in 2009, savings in maintenance, equipment, supplies, the annual stewardship campaign, and insurance have allowed us to offset increases in administration and office functions. If we do not encounter unexpected repair costs for our buildings, it should be possible to reduce the collective stewardship budget by $1,349. These savings, however, do not take into account needed replacements for our information processing systems and repairs to our heating and air conditioning units at the church. Since these are costly items, they must be financed by a capital campaign separate from the operating budget.
Submitted by Robert Burger

Budget Report

Budget 09

Actual 09

Budget 10














Previous Year Pledges


Total Weekly Givings




Investment Income




Other Donations




Parish Hall Use




Wedding Donations




Sabbatical Grants




Total Other








Expenses by Ministry













Worship and Music












Christian Formation




Parish and Community Life




Outreach and Wider Mission




Pastoral Care




















Maint., Equip., & Supplies




Insurance (Property)




Annual Stewardship Campaign












Office Functions








Insurance (Liability)




Diocese, Parish Misc




Diocesan Apportionment








Operating Income








Accts Not on 2009 Vestry Budget

Altar Guild Expenses


Storage Rental Expenses



Auto Allowance-Asst. Minister



Water – Green Street



Search Committee


**Adjusted Surplus/(Deficit)**



Value of Permanent Endowment Fund


Value of General Investment Fund


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