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Acolyte Report

In 2009 there were twelve acolytes serving at Christ Church St. Michaels. In addition to the family Sunday Eucharist, the acolytes serve at the Easter Vigil service, two Easter Sunday services, and two Christmas Eve services. Members of the acolyte guild are:
Lee Hamilton Crucifer Riley Weller Sub-deacon

Mason Roe Crucifer Katya Widell Sub-deacon

John Schofield Crucifer Taylor Bennett Torch bearer

Caroline Bennett Sub-deacon Helen Fegan Torch bearer

Ashleigh Kerrigan Sub-deacon Sarah Fegan Torch bearer

Zoe Thomas Sub-deacon Jackie Novak Torch bearer
Submitted by Lee Hamilton, Acolyte director

Altar Guild Report
During the church year, Advent 1, 2008 to Advent 1, 2009, St. Mary's Altar Guild prepared for 157 services. This number includes 102 Sunday services with seven baptisms, four Evensong services, nine Wednesday Healing services, four Christmas services, fourteen Lenten services, thirteen Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter services, four weddings, and eleven funeral/memorial services.


St. Mary’s Altar Guild lost a long serving and dedicated member in August with the death of Mary Thomas; she is greatly missed. There are 26 active members serving on the Altar Guild.
Submitted by Helen Bower and Judy Hause, Co-Directresses

Flower Guild
The Flower Guild is responsible for the flower arrangement for the two altars at Christ Church. We work in teams of two on a repeating five week schedule. The flowers are chosen in keeping with the church season, and reflect the colors and the needs of each Sunday. Each team is as creative as the imagination can be, yet still observes the requirements of each season. It is a challenge but rewarding responsibility and week after week the arrangements are absolutely lovely. The teams do an outstanding job and certainly deserve many thanks and much appreciation. Quite often the flowers on the altars are given by parishioners as memorials or celebrations of important events. This is done by signing up at the parish office for a particular Sunday and making a donation to the Altar Guild. We welcome these donations and thank you for your support.
Submitted by Nancy Besso

It is indeed a pleasure and privilege that I write this annual report regarding the music program at Christ Church, St. Michaels Parish. At the outset I wish to express my sincerest and heartfelt gratitude for the continued support, enthusiasm, and appreciation with which this parish embraces music in its community life of worship. Music in general and singing in particular in worship is an ancient tradition. And I am proud that corporate worship at Christ Church continues to embrace that tradition.

The success and high quality of the Christ Church music program thrives thanks to the leadership provided by the director, the rector and clergy team, support of the vestry, and the many dedicated volunteers who are committed to our choirs.

Again this year I worked closely with the rector, the Reverend Mark Nestlehutt and his associates, the Reverend Abigail Nestlehutt, the Reverend Mary Garner, and the Reverend Paul Winters, to develop liturgies of high quality and integrity. Services are planned carefully according to the seasons of the church year, the lection cycle, and major and moveable feasts. Hymns, psalms, and anthems are carefully selected, prepared, and rehearsed to support and enhance worship. I especially want to thank Mark for his attention to detail in planning services and for his support of the choirs and my work. I also wish to acknowledge and thank the Vestry liaison members for music and liturgy, Bob Burger, Michael Clark, Alison Sanford, and Sherry Sutton.

The chancel choir continues to lead worship on a weekly basis. Presently there are 16 regular members of the choir, and 4 members who sing occasionally. The choir sings at the 10:15 service throughout the program year. This year the chancel choir sang at the Memorial and Labor Day weekend combined services for the 8:00 and 10:15 congregations. In addition to singing every Sunday throughout the program year, the choir sings on Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, two Easter Sunday liturgies, the Christmas in St. Michaels festival of choirs, and on Christmas Eve. We are in the third year of our monthly Evensong series. The choir has been leading Evensong the first Sunday evening of each month, October through April. Attendance at these Evensong services continues to grow and the service is being received with appreciation by those in attendance. Ultimately I am grateful to the members of the choir. They sing with reverence, beauty, and passion. They are a joy to work with and we share close fellowship, friendship, and warm humor.

Our youth choir grew with the addition of several new members this year. Presently there are seven children on the roster. They rehearse each Wednesday evening from 6:30PM to 7:00 PM. They sing an anthem at the Parish Family Eucharist, generally on the first Sunday of each month. In addition, they sing on Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday, and recently sang at the Evening Service of Epiphany Lessons and Music. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with these fine young musicians, and I especially want to recognize and thank their parents for supporting their children in music.

I wish to thank Bernice Walk for her continued dedication and direction of the hand bell choir. There are approximately ten volunteers that rehearse each week and play music the second Sunday of each month at the 10:15 service.

Christ Church is very fortunate to have two beautiful instruments in the church, the Boston baby grand piano, and the Rodgers 950 digital 3 manual organ and accompanying 3 ranks of principal pipes on the great division. I continue to remain grateful to the vestry for the financial support required to care for and maintain these two excellent instruments.

Thanks be to God that the “State of the Music Program” continues to remain strong at Christ Church.
Submitted by William Thomas, Music Director & Organist

Readers & Eucharistic Ministers
The Eucharistic Ministers and Readers serve at all services every Sunday. We have a healthy roster of committed, dedicated parishioners who enjoy this rewarding ministry. Any parishioners who would like to consider joining our group should contact Chloe Pitard or talk to one of the clergy. We provide training and support while you learn the ropes.
Submitted by Chloe Pitard
Usher Report
Every Sunday, and on many special occasions, ushers are there to say “welcome” at the beginning of a service and remain after to check each pew for those important items we may have forgotten. In between, the ushering teams seat those needing assistance, count attendees, collect the plate offering, and help coordinate the flow of parishioners and guests wishing to take communion. Like their fellow members of Christ Church, every usher I have come to know volunteers out of a desire to serve the parish and not because they seek special recognition. Many ushers count their years of service in decades, and we want to give particular thanks to the following individuals who “retired” this year: Leo and Elizabeth Foulds, Al and Pat Holmes, Cy Knowles, Edgar and Leigh Nash, and Fred and Linda Tompkins. It was a pleasure to work with all of you.
Submitted by Robert M. Burger



William Aiden Burkhouse Thomas Finnegan Dukehart

Grayson Todd Eisenhower

Charles Westerlund Granville

Stephen Nicholas Harris

Harrison Guard Jones

Charlotte Isabella Stolz

Lily Grace Warne


Helen Dettbarn

Lisa Ann Felts

Bevlee Ann Kegan

Lois Blaine Lindsley

Cathy Mendenhall

Thomas Mendenhall

Alice Utterback



Phyllis White Cobb

Donald Beach Doolittle

Herbert E. Granger, Jr.

Clayton Owen Katski

Sarah Wells Megargee

Morris Arden Osborn

Marie Auchter Sitzenkopf

Mary WarnerThomas

Erle E. Ukkelberg

Forbes Johnston Widell

Transfers In/New Members:

William Clark

Eugenie B. Drayton

Margaret Enloe

Lisa Ann Felts

Sparrow Mahoney

Kathleen McFadden

Ralph Panebianco

Melissa Panebianco

Alex Valentino

Myron Walker

Sara Walker

Arthur Waxter

Nancy Waxter

Weddings: Amanda Michelle Rodgers & Benjamin Harlan Bagley

Katelyn Christine Bayne & Michael Robert Quashne

Bethany Suzanne Dickerson & Charles Allen Wynder, Jr.

Jennifer Lee Murphy & Michael Yao Alipui

Bethany Ann Fileger & Laurence LaTourette Driggs III


Christopher Whyman, Sr. Warden Ed Sipe, Treasurer

Alison Sanford, Jr. Warden Mary Ellen Olcese, Registrar
Michael Clark 2010 Bob Burger 2011 John Booth 2012

Clyde Sisk 2010 Jim McCloud 2011 Philip Parkinson 2012

Sheila Vaughan 2010 Sal Simoncini 2011 Judy Sandground 2012

Carl Widell 2010 Joan Zwemer 2011 Sherry Sutton 2012



Clergy Liaison: Clergy Team

Vestry Liaisons: Philip Parkinson & Jim McCloud
Adult Forums Carl Widell

Adult Inquirers Mark Nestlehutt

Church School Lee Thomas

Youth Confirmation Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt

Clergy Liaison: Mark Nestlehutt

Vestry Liaisons: Michael Clark & Judy Sandground
Back to School Project Gillian Whyman &

Judy Sandground

The Children’s Home Foundation Nance duPont &

Dianne Shaw

Episcopal Relief & Development Pamela McCloud

El Hogar Project in Honduras Ned McCall

Environmental Issues Margie Steffens

Grants Committee John Hunnicutt

Habitat for Humanity John Hunnicutt

Honduran Dental Mission Jim Campi

St. Michaels Food Bank John & Nancy Masone

UTO (United Thank Offering) Carol Carlson

Clergy Liaison: Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt

Vestry Liaisons: Sheila Vaughan, Clyde Sisk & Joan Zwemer
Cider/Lemonade in the Hall Cathy Mendenhall

Coffee Hour Fritz Riedlin

Covenant Churches Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt

Docent’s Guild Joan Frey

Episcopal Church Women Alice Utterback

Kitchen Committee Mary Riedlin &

Nancy Sipe

Lay Weeders Kay Perkins

Lea Library Robert & Marilyn Barrett

Men’s Club Leo Foulds

Tidings Newsletter Kim Liberatore Stolz

Welcoming Committee Jim McCloud


Clergy Liaison: Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt

Vestry Liaison: Joan Zwemer
Care Circle Joan Zwemer

Eucharistic Visitors Jessie Weddle

Flower Delivery TBD

Knitting Group Linda Spire

Prayer Chain Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt

Stephen Ministry Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt

Clergy Liaison: Mark Nestlehutt

Vestry Liaisons: John Booth, Robert Burger,

Sal Simoncini & Carl Widell
Annual Campaign Carl Widell

Finance Committee Robert Burger

Property John Booth & Sal Simoncini

Clergy Liaisons: Clergy Team

Vestry Liaisons: Alison Sanford & Sherry Sutton
Acolytes’ Guild Lee Hamilton

Altar Guild Helen Bower & Judy Hause


Chancel William Thomas

Handbell Bernice Walk

Youth William Thomas

Eucharistic Ministers Chloe Pitard

Flower Guild Nancy Besso

Greeters/Shepherds Tom Mendenhall

Readers Chloe Pitard

Ushers Bob Burger

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