The Lost World: a reader’s guide

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The Lost World: A reader’s guide

Word version of the readers’ guide produced for The Lost World Read 2009
The Lost World Read 2009
The Lost World Read 2009 celebrates the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin with a mass-read of the classic adventure story The Lost World. It is part of Darwin 200 – the global celebrations of the life and work of the man who transformed the world with his theory of evolution by natural selection.
The project brings communities together to share the joy of reading, learn about the past and discuss issues of current concern. People will be taking part in locations across England and Scotland.
Thousands of copies of the full-text version of the book and a specially commissioned adaptation for younger or less confident readers are being distributed across the participating areas, along with a graphic-style biography of Darwin.
Support material includes a dedicated website providing information on activities taking place during the course of the project. Visit for further details.
This illustrated guide provides historical background information of relevance to the novel. It includes biographies of Conan Doyle and Darwin, pointing out where their lives and interests overlapped; a look at fossils and dinosaurs and the impact their discovery had upon the popular imagination; and a survey of evolutionary themes in British science fiction.
Further background material can be found on the website. This guide can also be downloaded from the website in PDF and Word format.
Once you’ve finished the book please submit your comments via the online survey.
We hope you enjoy taking part in The Lost World Read 2009.
*** SPOILER ALERT *** You may want to leave this guide and the other background material until you have read the book in case you see something that will give the plot away.
Key Dates



Conan Doyle

Other Events


Born in Shrewsbury

Fulton’s steamboat


University of Edinburgh

Stockton & Darlington Railway


University of Cambridge

Wellington becomes PM


Graduates. Beagle departs Plymouth

Reform Bill riots


Beagle returns

Battle of Alamo


Marries Emma. First child born

Chartist riots


Moves to Down House

Britain acquires Hong Kong


Death of daughter Anne

Great Exhibition


On the Origin of Species

Born in Edinburgh

Deaths of Stephenson and Brunel


Variation of Animals and Plants

Starts boarding school

Gladstone becomes PM


Writes autobiography

University of Edinburgh

Bell patents telephone


Biography of grandfather published

First story and first non-fiction published

Zulu rebellion


Revises his autobiography

Graduates Bachelor of Medicine (CM)

End of first Boer War



Plymouth. Southsea

Treasure Island


Marries Louise. Graduates MD

Benz Patent motorcar


Life and Letters published

‘A Study in Scarlet’

Golden Jubilee


Full-time writer

Edison’s kinetoscope


Visits Egypt

Dreyfus Affair


Serves in Boer War

Relief of Mafeking


‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’

Death of Victoria


Marries Jean

New Zealand independent dominion


The Lost World book

Titanic sinks


Speaks publicly on spiritualism

Russian Revolution


Son Kingsley dies

End of World War One


Cottingley fairies

Prohibition in USA


The Lost World film

Scopes’ ‘Monkey Trial’



Gandhi leads salt protest

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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